We bring you a round-up of the biggest and best Creative, Digital, and OOH marketing and advertising campaigns each month in 2024.

In what is always an exciting period for new marketing campaigns with the financial year coming to an end, Easter on the horizon, and the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day awaiting, we set out to collate the most impactful Creative, Digital, and OOH advertising campaigns released in March 2024.

From Nationwide’s hyperlocal campaign featuring 90s pop star Chesney Hawkes, to shaming selfish motorists in the middle lane, to Uber Eats’ illuminating neon billboards for those observing Ramadan, to Cadbury’s tiny ads during the Easter period – here’s our list of 9 of the best campaigns this month.

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Campaign #1 – Gymbox: Made for London Life

Brand: Gymbox

Category: Health and Fitness

Agency: BMB Agency

Medium: OOH

Gymbox targets Gen Z Londoners with its latest out-of-home advertising campaign persuading onlookers to keep up their fitness resolutions in 2024.

The campaign highlights some of the unique juxtapositions of London life; for example, comparing the slog of daily commutes against workouts offered by the gym brand with taglines such as – ‘Commuter Slog, Downward Dog’.

Created by agency BMB (with media handled by the7stars, Jack Agency and Man From Uncle), the campaign will run across all Gymbox London branches and is supported by OOH billboards, flyposting and guerrilla marketing activity in the city.

Gymbox: Made for London Life

Campaign #2 – Bulldog: Non-Dry January

Brand: Bulldog Skincare

Category: Personal Care

Agency: VCCP

Medium: OOH

Bulldog Skincare hijacks ‘Dry January’ with its latest campaign encouraging men to make sure their skin stays hydrated this month.

Spearheaded by VCCP Media, the ad showcases the importance of all-day hydration, highlighting that men shouldn’t skimp on using up all the moisturiser they’ve been given over Christmas.

Running until 31 January, the campaign includes D/OOH activity across populated locations such as Liverpool Media Wall, The Screen at Arndale, and London Getaway sites.

Bulldog: Non-Dry January

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Campaign #3 – Renault – renault.rethink

Brand: Renault

Category: Automotive

Agency: Publicis-Poke + MSL

Medium: OOH, Print

Renault gets bolder and more electric in fresh new campaign aimed to captivate younger audiences and showcase its electric vehicle range.

Entitled ‘renault.rethink’ the campaign — created by Publicis-Poke, MSL and Hawkeye will run from January 8 until the end of February across OOH, print and digital draws upon and shakes up the iconic legacy of the brand.

Calling on viewers to rethink the role of the car, Renault has also launched a new manifesto which reads: “The world has demanded a grand rethink, the Renault rethink has begun. We never did ordinary, we don’t do same, we do revolution.”

Renault – renault.rethink

Campaign #4 – Beyond Meat – Taste You Can Believe In

Brand: Beyond Meat

Category: Food

Agency: Adjust Your Set

Medium: OOH, DOOH, Social

Beyond Meat’s playful new billboard pokes fun at Veganuary misconceptions to form part of their new fully integrated campaign.

Developed by Adjust Your Set and running across Meta, TikTok and DOOH, the campaign will feature a nationwide Beyond Meat food truck tour, led by plant based TikTok star Luke Vernon.

Highlighting just how tasty (and fried) Veganuary can be, the tour will offer free Beyond Burgers and challenge UK consumers on their perceptions of plant-based Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat – Taste You Can Believe In

Campaign #5 – Charlie Bigham’s: Meet Charlie Bigham

Brand: Charlie Bigham’s

Category: Food

Agency: VCCP + Electric Glue

Medium: TV

Ready meal brand Charlie Bigham’s returns to TV screens with £4m animation ad, developed in partnership with creative agency VCCP.

The 30-second spot introduces Bigham’s personal story and sheds light on his hands on involvement in creating his brand’s collection of ready-made dishes.

With media planning and buying handled by Electric Glue, the hero film was directed by Blinkink’s Isabel Garrett and is narrated by Charlie Bigham himself, alongside TV personality Richard Osman.

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Campaign #6 – KitKat: Have a Brrr

Brand: KitKat

Category: Confectionery

Agency: VML

Medium: OOH

Confectionery brand KitKat asks Brits to ‘take a brrr’ from the cold via a spontaneous out-of-home campaign designed to capitalise on the Baltic snap that swept the nation.

Developed by integrated creative agency VML, the work went from creation to implementation in 36 hours.

On the campaign VML creative director, Mike Watson said, “with an arctic cold snap having us all reach for jumpers, hats, gloves, coats… and yet more jumpers, we wanted to entice people to take a brrr…eak with KitKat. An impressively quick turnaround from a brilliant team.”

KitKat: Have a Brrr

Campaign #7 – Gett: Black cab

Brand: Gett

Category: Transportation

Agency: 10 Days

Medium: OOH, DOOH, Social

Leading UK black cab app Gett launched its first OOH campaign since Covid, highlighting the benefits of using their taxis.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign, designed by 10 Days agency, focuses on the service provided by black taxis with quips like 'A black cab is faster than a ferrari. *Bus lane, baby.' and 'When was the last time you got picked up by a British icon?'

The creatives – supported by social media – will run for one month across high-traffic areas in London.

Gett: Black cab

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Campaign #8 – Age without Limits: Are You Ageist?

Brand: Age without Limits

Category: Awareness Charity

Agency: Four Agency

Medium: OOH, PR, Social

Age without Limits has backed a widescale campaign to tackle England’s ageism problem, by encouraging people to challenge this form of discrimination.

Developed in partnership with Four Agency, the campaign will be primarily focused on educating the wider public about the subject and in the process, will look to change discriminatory views.

The three-year campaign will leverage advertising, PR, and social media to spark deep conversations about the topic and challenge the ageist views which the Centre for Ageing Better claims are held by a third of the public.

Centre for Ageing Better: Are You Ageist?


Campaign #9 – The LEGO Group: Le Florist

Brand: The LEGO Group

Category: Toys

Medium: Activation

The Battersea Power Station LEGO store transformed itself into an incredible ‘Le Florist’ in an aim to drive awareness of their new Botanicals collection.

The store featured a unique LEGO Botanicals display, whilst staff members became ‘florists’ for the day and helped customers choose the perfect bunch of LEGO flowers to gift loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

On lookers also had the chance to meet celebrities and newlyweds Jamie Laing and Sophie Habbo.

The LEGO Group: Le Florist

Campaign #10 – Carwow: The Break-Up

Brand: Carwow

Category: Automotive

Medium: OOH

Carwow’s playful Valentine’s ad highlights the emotional reasons of ‘breaking up’ with your old car.

Developed by Carwow’s in-house team, the campaign suggests that motorists might be tempted by ‘bigger, better things’ or that they’ve eventually ‘grown apart’ from their old motor.

Hinting at the brand’s extensive network of car dealers that make up the other side of its online marketplace, the campaign urges them to explore the ‘single cars in the area’.

On the campaign, Ben Carter - Chief Marketing Officer at Carwow says:

“We’ve already helped over 2.5m people change their cars (whether that be selling or buying) so what better place to reassure customers that changing car is not only easy, but with over 4,500 dealers to bid for it on Carwow, breaking up never paid so well either.”

Carwow: The Break-Up

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Campaign #11 – Pot Noodle: Nothing Satisfies Like Pot Noodle

Brand: Pot Noodle

Category: Food

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

Medium: TV, OOH

Pot Noodle disgusts and delights in equal measure with quirky new ad, developed by creative agency Adam&EveDDB.

The TV spot sees a bemused and somewhat disgusted office reacting to one of their colleagues’ immensely satisfied slurping noises as she dives into a Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle.

The campaign follows on from the brand’s bizarre ‘Nothing Fills a Hole Like a Pot Noodle’ ad released last year, which saw the state of Britain’s roads brought front-and-centre as potholes across the nation were filled with the instant snack.

Campaign #12 – Cadbury: Yours for 200 Years

Brand: Cadbury

Category: Confectionery

Agency: VCCP

Medium: TV, OOH

Cadbury shares nostalgia-filled OOH posters for brand’s 200th birthday, created in partnership with VCCP.

Each poster was created by illustrators and designers who took inspiration from previous Cadbury campaigns, with the aim of demonstrating how the confectionary brand has grown to become part of the fabric of the nation.

The campaign kicked off with Cadbury releasing a new video campaign centred around a reboot of the classic ‘Mum’s Birthday’ spot, retold to highlight the 200-year span of the brand, with changing imagery reflecting the timespan.

Campaign #13 – Sky Group Limited: Sky Sports tennis

Brand: Sky Group Limited

Category: Telecommunications and Media

Agency: Sky Creative

Medium: TV, OOH

Sky unveils series of vibrant 3D OOH billboards across London, promoting new dedicated tennis channel.

Designed to build anticipation and excitement over the new channel – Sky Sports tennis, the campaign celebrates Sky’s exclusive new deal with the men’s and women’s professional tours after wrestling the rights off streaming giant Amazon Prime.

Developed by their in-house team Sky Creative, the pair of out-of-home activations follow on from the previous week’s TV ad.

On the campaign, Creative Director Rob Welch says: “We wanted to put something impactful out there for the public to enjoy for real.”

Sky Group Limited: Sky Sports tennis

Campaign #14 – The Ordinary: Giant Bottle

Brand: The Ordinary

Category: Cosmetics

Agency: One Agency

Medium: Activation

Cosmetics brand The Ordinary floated a giant bottle of its flagship reformulated hyaluronic acid 2% +B5 product down the river Thames in an innovative campaign stunt.

The 12-metre installation was floated along the river on the back of a branded boat, with the creative encouraging people to question what is and isn’t ‘real’.

Developed by One Agency, the activation sailed past a range of high-profile London landmarks including Canary Wharf, The Shard, and the Tower of London.

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Campaign #15 – Natwest x Team GB: Whatever your goals, let’s get going

Brand: NatWest + Team GB

Category: Financial Services

Agency: The&Partnership

Medium: TV

NatWest unveils Team GB partnership ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics in latest ad campaign.

Developed by The&Partnership, produced by Park Pictures, and directed by Georgia Hudson, the 60-second spot features several Olympic medallists including Asha Philip, Max Whitlock, and Emily Campbell, alongside colleagues from NatWest — all with the aim of showcasing the power of motivation in achieving goals.

The campaign will run from now and throughout the Olympics in July across TV, cinema and radio, it will be accompanied by OOH, DOOH, bus wraps, social and web activity.

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Campaign #16 – Malibu: Summer Shades

Brand: Malibu

Category: Beverages

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Medium: Social Media

Malibu in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy launches new ‘Summer Shades’ social campaign to combat the winter blues and ‘spread virtual sunshine’.

Malibu Sunshine Shades uses AI technology to transform public domain artworks and statues worldwide, applying brighter, lighter summer hues and sunglasses.

The rum-based spirit brand’s social campaign kicked off on its Instagram, featuring the well-known statue of David and Mona Lisa paintings.

Engagement in the campaign is encouraged, where followers can submit their own winter pictures for a summer revamp using the hashtag #MalibuSummerShades.

Malibu: Summer Shades


Campaign #17 – Nationwide: The One and Only branch in Windsor

Brand: Nationwide

Category: Financial Services

Agency: Hatch

Medium: TV, OOH

Hatch, Wavemaker, and New Commercial Arts (NCA) teamed-up with Nationwide in the promotion of its ‘Last Branch in Town’ campaign, enlisting the support of the original ‘one and only’, Chesney Hawkes.

As the only remaining branch in Windsor, donations of £200 will be added to a community fund for every new account opened by Windsor residents.

On the campaign Hatch adds, “they say no two days are the same in PR, and this campaign is a great example of that! We've worked with Nationwide across several projects now and what always comes through is their genuine commitment to their customers.

So, it was great to be a part of such a fun yet important campaign that highlighted the importance of physical financial support, particularly for the people in Windsor but also across the rest of the UK.”

Campaign #18 – South Western Railway: Abuse Stays with our Staff

Brand: South Western Railway

Category: Transport

Agency: St Luke’s

Medium: OOH

‘You fat idiot’ – South Western Railway’s new OOH campaign highlights some of the grating verbal abuse its workers have been subjected to and the lasting impact it has.

Devised by creative agency St Luke’s and launched across all owned poster sites on the SWR networks in the south of England, the campaign entitled ‘Abuse stays with our staff’ follows research into the actual experiences of SWR colleagues.

The campaign aims to reduce such abusive behaviour with ‘BE KIND’ messaging featured on each execution.

South Western Railway: Abuse Stays with our Staff

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Campaign #19 – Snug: Sofas to fit big, little or awkward spaces

Brand: Snug

Category: Furniture

Agency: Krow

Medium: OOH

Sofa-in-a-box company Snug launched its first OOH campaign showcasing to Londoners the extensive range of styles and designs it has available.

Produced by creative agency Krow, the campaign pokes fun at the city’s tiny flats whilst encouraging customers not to compromise on their ideal sofa, no matter the size of their entryway or shape of their home.

The creative will be visible across key London sites such as Tottenham Court Road, New Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, as well as underground stations including Old Street, Goodge Street and Kings Cross.

Snug: Sofas to fit big, little or awkward spaces

Campaign #20 – St. James’s Place: Invaluable Advice

Brand: St. James’s Place

Category: Financial Advisor

Agency: Ogilvy UK

Medium: TV, VOD, OOH

St. James’s Place celebrates the importance of tailored one-one-one financial advice with new TV spot.

Devised by creative agency Ogilvy UK, ‘Invaluable Advice’ launched on primetime TV during the crunch Six Nations rugby encounter between England and France.

Marking the financial brand’s first-ever national marketing campaign, the creative is inspired by real client stories and follows a single father’s journey as he raises his daughter, supported by the help offered from his financial advisor.

The campaign runs across TV, social, VOD, online film, Out of Home (OOH) and radio.

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Campaign #21 – National Highways: Little Changes Change Everything

Brand: National Highways

Category: Highway Authority

Agency: FCB London

Medium: TV, OOH

National Highways calls out selfish motorway drivers in new TV ad aimed to highlight the little ways in which motorists can make their trips safer for all.

Produced by creative agency FCB London, the ad will be spearheaded by a 30-second spot and supported by nationwide out-of-home assets that illustrate how drivers can be more considerate on the motorways, ultimately making journeys more enjoyable.

The hero creative centres around two key aspects, namely that drivers should stick to the left-hand lane unless overtaking and that they should always stick to the two-second rule.

Campaign #22 – Uber Eats: Still Open for Suhoor

Brand: Uber Eats

Category: Online Food Delivery

Agency: Mother London

Medium: OOH, Social Media

Uber Eats highlights the restaurants available on the app that have extended their opening times for Suhoor (early hours meal before fasting) with 2024 Ramadan campaign.

Designed by creative agency Mother London, the campaign will run across out-of-home and social media, inspired by 2023 insight which showed that over 2,400 restaurants extended their opening times on the Uber Eats app for those observing Ramadan.

The creative leans into the concept of neon lighting being associated with late-night activity – giving UK Muslims a modern twist in a bid to move away from traditional Ramadan visual tropes and clichés.

Uber Eats: Still Open for Suhoor

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Campaign #23 – Nando’s: Yes Chef

Brand: Nando’s

Category: Restaurant Chain

Agency: New Commercial Arts (NCA) + Zenith + Born Social

Medium: TV, Social Media, OOH

Arsenal’s Saka dons chef whites in Nando’s latest TV ad showcasing limited edition Peri-Peri sauce.

Created by New Commercial Arts, the ‘Yes Chef’ spot is a playful take on the high intensity setting of kitchens, with Saka seen hyping up his team and mixing ingredients before adding the final touch.

The campaign is supported by OOH and social activity produced by media agency Zenith, and social media experts Born Social.

“Nando’s has been flying the (heat) flag for hot sauce since day dot. The launch of Peri-Peri Saka sees us bring our famous sauce to life in an exciting way with our first ever restaurant sauce collaboration,” said Nando’s Head of Brand, Hannah Smith.

“Not only will fans love the taste of the brand-new flavour, but we know they will love experiencing Peri-Peri Saka through the multi-channel campaign across Nando’s platforms too.”

Campaign #24 – Cadbury: Easter’s Biggest Egg

Brand: Mondelēz International Cadbury

Category: Confectionery

Agency: VCCP London

Medium: OOH, Social Media

VCCP launches mini ads for Cadbury’s biggest-selling tiny chocolate egg during Easter time.

The social-first campaign centres around small out-of-home special builds made to look like they are full-scale – complete with JCDecaux branding.

The content was filmed in situ, with the camera panning back to reveal the true tiny scale of the Mini Eggs billboards against their backdrops.

“Easter’s biggest egg’ marks the first Cadbury Mini Eggs campaign in half a decade, designed to shine brightly in a crowded marketplace,” said Mondelēz International’s Senior Brand Manager, Charlotte Parkes.

“While others clamour for attention with loud, flashy ads, Cadbury Mini Eggs proudly embrace their small yet mighty stature.”

Cadbury: Easter’s Biggest Egg

Campaign #25 – William Hill: We’re Cheltenham Ready

Brand: William Hill

Category: Gambling

Agency: Supersonic.

Medium: TV, OOH, Social Media

William Hill partnered with Supersonic to develop a confident and compelling campaign promoting their Cheltenham offering.

We’re Cheltenham Ready’ pays respect to the biggest week in jumps racing and highlights William Hill’s free £5 bet every day for everyone offer, delivered by legends of the sport.

On the campaign, Don McGrath, Executive Creative Director at Supersonic says, “William Hill had a brilliant offer for the Cheltenham Festival and the best ambassadors in the business. Our approach was to hero both in a respectful, understated and confident way befitting the William Hill brand.”

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