As figures reveal TV ad spend hit a record high in 2021, can 2022 do even better? Here's eight of the best OOH, TV, Digital, and advertising campaigns of last month - March - and the creative brains behind them.

As we enter the fourth month of 2022 and a new financial year, we’re starting to get a good picture of how 2021 stacked up for the advertising world. According to data from Nielsen Ad Intel, investment in British television advertising reached record levels last year at 5.46 billion pounds. That's up 24% year on year as over 1000 new advertisers kick-start their campaigns.

As ecommerce boomed during the pandemic, ‘online-born’ businesses invested 1.12 billion in TV, up 42%. With food and delivery subscription services as the largest subcategory, the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Ocado throwing their hat in the ring has led to TV spend shooting up by 58 million pounds.

2022 is set to be another bumper year, and the increase of new campaigns shows no sign of slowing down. From TV to OOH, we've rounded up eight of the most impactful campaigns released during March.




Foodstuff are a food delivery service alternative to the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Foodstuff delivers with zero emissions – everything is done on cycles – and they only work with quality, independent restaurants (as they say on their site, the only chains they’re into are bike chains.) 


Unlike their competitors, Foodstuff charge restaurants a flat fee per month for using their platform rather than a commission-based system, and their riders are paid the National Living Wage.

Foodstuff's 'deliver-who' OHH billboard
Foodstuff's 'deliver-who' OOH billboard

The company have recently launched an OOH campaign in Manchester, taking aim at one of their bigger competitors. The pink posters feature Foodstuff’s ‘rock-n-roll’ hand salute logo underneath the question ‘deliver-who?’


Toby Savil, Co-Founder and CEO said, “We just wanted to celebrate how proud we are of our brand. You may have noticed we don’t shy away from basking in playing the underdog.”


Foodstuff currently operate in Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Manchester and Edinburgh. 


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OnePlus Nord: The Life of Chad


Trying to make some noise in a market dominated by Apple, Google and Samsung isn’t easy, but OnePlus are getting their name heard in a new campaign advertising the ‘OnePlus Nord’ – an Android based smartphone with the slogan “pretty much everything you can ask for.” 


Directed by Jara Moravec of London based production studio KODE, the ad features vibrant colours and a combination of realism and on-screen mobile graphics to bring the ad to life. Narrated by the sports commentator Ian Danter, the ad shows how Chad’s life and daily routine are enlivened by his new smartphone capabilities. 


Chad uses the OnePlus Nord throughout his day for reminders, games, photography, social media and music. Colourful, vintage-style clothing heightens the youthful and playful aesthetic of the campaign. It harks back to a bygone era, but also looks ahead to the future with its newest phone release, positioning itself as the product of choice for the younger generation 


THE OUT – Notes From The Road  


Jaguar Land Rover’s premium service takes car hire to a luxury level. THE OUT delivers and collects low-mileage current models to your door at a time that suits you. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway that calls for a soft top two-seater, or family holiday where a spacious 4x4 is just the job, it’s a great option for carless urbanites or those who fancy a temporary upgrade.


‘Notes From the Road’ is their most recent campaign. THE OUT partnered with three content creators to head out on their own electric road trip. Their mission was to prove that battery powered journeys are just as good as any other.


Just squeezing into the end of March was the last creator in their campaign – Catarina Mira-Rose. As detailed in her Instagram story, Catarina and her family were delivered an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE and headed to the sandy beached of Holkham in Norfolk. 


We spoke to Jack Cullen, Content and Social Manager of THE OUT about the campaign. 


"THE OUT launched as a hassle-free transport solution for people living in cities that wanted to travel, needed a car, but didn’t want the stress or cost of owning one. We believed that this should come with the least amount of difficulty and the maximum amount of clarity and honesty as possible. Delivering a first-class service that you not only love but can rely on. 


Our latest Campaign 'Notes from the road' celebrities how painless electric road tripping can be featuring three unique content creators - Oliver Hooson, Ollie Olanipekun and Catarina Mira-Rose. "


Wickes: Open Up 


Wickes, the home improvement retailer and garden centre, launched a new campaign focused on a house-proud nation wanting to show off their homes. Entitled ‘Open Up,’ the campaign celebrates the experience of gratification when a project is finished and you encourage friends, family, neighbours and whoever else to take a look at what you’ve achieved.


Created by VCCP London, the campaign is the first time that Wickes has developed a campaign at total brand level, connecting its DIY and ‘Do It For Me’ customers on an emotional level to create a sense of pride when a job is completed.


Cadbury: Cadbury Worldwide Hide 


The iconic chocolate brand welcomed back their Easter egg hiding experience ‘Cadbury Worldwide Hide’ for a second year, this time bigger and better! Chocolate egg fans have the option of buying a real Cadbury Easter egg and then hiding it on a virtual map for their special someone to find.

Once found using your chosen clue, the egg will then be delivered to them. If you fancied being part of the fun without the egg (is there any fun without the egg?)  - you can participate virtually for free (without a physical egg reward.) 


Leaning on their partnership with Manchester United, Cadbury has created a Limited-Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk and Manchester United Easter Egg, with people being able to choose from three designs celebrating Manchester through its distinctive club iconography. Fans of the footie themed eggs will be able to access a special Worldwide Hide platform that is co-branded between Cadbury and Manchester United.


The spot has been created by VCCP London.


Diet Coke: Love What You Love 

As part of a new campaign titled Love What You Love, Diet Coke has released a new minute-long ad featuring a woman being transformed into her dream roller-skating fantasy after taking a sip of the aforementioned beverage. 

Created by Anomaly, the global campaign is running in the UK across TV, OOH, social, digital, PR and an exclusive London Fashion Week on-pack partnership (including a content series and Instagram Live films.) Through the Fashion Week partnership, drinkers of Diet Coke can be in with the chance of winning thousands of prizes, including luxury retail vouchers, weekend stays at a top London destination and exclusive access to runway shows. 


IRN-BRU: Let’s Just Agree It Tastes


What does IRN-BRU taste like? Cream soda? Lemon? Ginger? Off the back of the successful “Taste Debate” campaign, Leith have launched two new films that focus on the ambiguous flavour of Scotland’s iconic soft drink. 


Both films humorously play on classic cinematic tropes, one being a boy waiting at the bottom of some stairs for his prom date and the other being a mob loading a body into the back of a car. In the first, the boy choses his prom date (the options being a young girl, her mother, and her grandmother) based on what they think the drink tastes like (spoiler alert – he goes for the grandmother who thinks it tastes like ginger.) 


In the second, the mob bungle a body into the boot of a car after the deceased said IRN-BRU tastes like melon. When his associate says it tastes like Tutti Frutti, it’s implied that he meets a similar end.


Barclaycard: The Payment Part Is Just the Start 


Barclaycard are positioning themselves as the go-to for all SMEs looking for a partner to take their business to the next chapter. To do this, Barclaycard Business has recruited the help of Droga5.


The advertising company uncovered that most business owners think of payments in a purely transactional way, discounting all other benefits that payments can do for their business, such as managing stock, improving cashflow and developing relationships with suppliers. 


To highlight these other benefits, Droga5 worked with director Jeff Low through Biscuit Filmworks, and creatives Chris Russell and Ahmed Ellabib.


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