We bring you a round-up of the biggest and best Creative, Digital, and OOH marketing and advertising campaigns each month in 2023.

In what is always an exciting period for new marketing campaigns with the financial year coming to an end, Easter on the horizon, and a month that includes the celebrations of St. Patricks Day and Mother’s Day, we set out to collate the most impactful Creative, Digital, and OOH advertising campaigns released in March 2023.

From an exigent cry for help to tackle the nation’s childcare crisis by Pregnant Then Screwed to The Ben Kinsella Trust’s plea to #stopknifecrime with a heart-sinking message this Mother’s Day to Tesco’s iconic logo re-design and Cadbury’s annual worldwide egg-hunt in celebration of Easter this year – view our list of best campaigns this month below.

January - Campaigns #1 - 8

February - Campaigns #9 - 16

March - Campaigns #17 - 24

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Campaign #1: McDonald's – Raise your Arches

Brand: McDonald's

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: Leo Burnett

Medium: TV

You don’t expect to see big red “50% off” stickers on the windows at McDonald's – and you won’t – but nevertheless, the fast-food giant has jumped on the discount-January train with their new ‘Raise your Arches’ campaign from Leo Burnett.

Directed by Edgar Wright, whose credits include Simon Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy and Baby Driver, the advert perfectly encapsulates the feeling we all have when the McDonald's cravings kick in.

Set in an office block, the advert is the first for the company to not show any of its products or restaurants.

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Campaign #2: La Vie – Painting the UK Pink

Brand: La Vie

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: Buzzman

Medium: OOH

Alongside big discounts, the month of January is also known for resolutions, new habits, and attempts at healthier ways of living. For some of you, this might have included participating in 'Veganuary' – an initiative to ditch meat and dairy in favour of plant-based alternatives.

It's no surprise, therefore, that plant-based brands up the ante when it comes to their advertising at this time of year. French brand La Vie, for example, took up a large triple-decker billboard in Shoreditch to promote their meat-substitute bacon.

La Vie worked with creative agency Buzzman on the provocative campaign.

Creative Marketing Campaigns - 2023 - La Vie – Painting the UK Pink

Campaign #3: Asahi – Beyond Expected

Brand: Asahi

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: Trouble Maker

Medium: TV

Another initiative you might have been taking part in is ‘Dry January,’ and just like La Vie, many companies are striking while the iron’s hot to promote their no/lo-alcohol offerings. One such company is Asahi.

The Japanese beer brand enlisted the talents of Trouble Maker and FAMILIA director Fausto Becatti to create ‘Super Dry,’ a campaign to promote its 0.0% beer. The vibrant ad takes us on a trip through modern day Japan, zooming through different scenes to show Asahi Super Dry being enjoyed in a variety of different settings.

With trends showing alcohol consumption on the downturn, especially amongst the younger generation, Fausto opted to show the 0.0% alternative in a bar and other social situations to highlight the switch from traditional booze.

Campaign #4: Jordan’s Cereals – Tasty by Nature

Brand: Jordan’s Cereals

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: the7stars

Medium: TV

I’m more a fan of toast than cereal in the morning, but I can’t let my bias get in the way of this incredibly important and impartial round up of campaigns. Next on the list is Jordan’s Cereals. Their new campaign ‘Tasty by Nature’ marks the company’s return to Linear TV for the first time since 2013.

The TV and video campaign was created by the7stars, and is running nationwide across Channel 4, Sky, and ITV Digital through to the end of February.

Produced by Lobster Creative and put together in-house, the advert shows a golden, cartoon oat field, with the grains all swirling together to transform into ‘delicious light and crispy golden clusters.’ The return to television comes after a product-wide packaging redesign by Bloom, to help create a rich and cohesive identity across Jordan’s portfolio of products.

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Campaign #5: British Airways – Out of Office

Brand: British Airways

Category: Travel & Tourism

Agency: Uncommon

Medium: OOH

Be honest, how many ‘Out of Offices’ have you received in January? Despite coming immediately after Christmas, it seems like a popular time for people to take some time away from their desk and jet off to seek some winter sun.

British Airways Holiday’s new campaign ‘Take Your Holiday Seriously’ plays on the ‘Out of Office’ response, replacing the usual ‘if you need to get hold of me’ blurb with blunter suggestions such as ‘0% chance of work’ and simply ‘No.’ The emails are overlaid across beautiful beach scenes (think more Sicily than Skegness).

The outdoor campaign has been devised by Uncommon.

Creative Marketing Campaigns - 2023 - British Airways – Out of Office

Campaign #6: Gymbox – Cut through the bulls**t

Brand: Gymbox

Category: Health & Fitness

Agency: AMV BBDO

Medium: OOH

Struggling to get on the equipment you’re after? Are all the classes booked up that are usually only half-full? It’s the post-Christmas gym season, where everyone has decided they’re on a health-kick that will last for a month or two at best. To capitalise on these new year’s resolutions, unconventional London-based Gymbox have launched a new OOH campaign around the capital.

The campaign was created by AMV BBDO, a regular in these roundups, following a brief to disrupt the category and reinforce its brand position as the "antidote to boring gyms.” It builds on Gymbox’s existing ‘Anything goes’ campaign.

In one execution, the phrase “Sweat is your fat crying” is crossed over with the words “Or maybe you forgot to delete your browser history” scribbled underneath. Thanks for the reminder, Gym Box.

Creative Marketing Campaigns - 2023 - Gymbox – Cut through the bulls**t

Campaign #7: Woodland Trust – Plant More Trees

Brand: Woodland Trust

Category: Charities

Agency: Creature London

Medium: Brand positioning

I love a good walk in nature. There’s nothing better than leaving the city for a nice Sunday-stroll through some woodlands up in the Peaks. Many of them are looked after by the Woodland Trust, who have recently launched the campaign ‘Plant More Trees.’

The campaign has been launched alongside the organisation’s re-brand and repositioning, all done in partnership with Creature London.

The initial brief was to help the Woodland Trust develop a new brand positioning that allowed them to shift perception from a conservation organisation for the traditional and conservative, to one that represents the wide variety of voices that want to tackle the climate crisis. The new positioning, ‘Fighting for the health of people and planet with every tree,’ is aimed at placing Woodland Trust as a mass brand, speaking to a mass audience about a mass cause.

Creative Marketing Campaigns - 2023 - Woodland Trust – Plant More Trees

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Campaign #8: TotallyMoney – You’ll Totally Get There

Brand: TotallyMoney

Category: Financial Services

Agency: St Luke’s

Medium: TV

It’s apt that we finish January’s roundup with TotallyMoney’s campaign ‘You’ll Totally Get There,’ but to where exactly?

Independent creative agency St Luke’s have worked with the credit app to devise a TV and online campaign that demonstrates how, with the right guidance and support, people can climb higher and reach their goals.

The three-month campaign will run across TV, VOD, and YouTube until the end of March, with the media planning and buying conducted by Electric Glue.

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Campaign #9: Paddy Power: Cheltenham 2023

Brand: Paddy Power

Category: Betting

Agency: BBH London

Medium: TV

It’s ‘the best rivalry you’ve never heard of,’ – Ireland verses Great Britain at the Cheltenham Festival. Having recently returned from a short trip to Ireland, I was a little curious as to why the hotel I was staying in was holding a ‘Cheltenham preview night,’ but after seeing Paddy Power’s latest advert and doing a little research – it all makes sense.

After having featured in two previous ads for the brand, actor Colm Meaney returns to settle things ‘once and for all.’ The ad begins with the Irishman coming face-to-face with Paddy Power Football Ambassador Peter Crouch after stepping off a bus full of fellow racegoers. In the English contingent is also, for some reason, Barry from EastEnders.

It’s Paddy Power’s first campaign since BBH was appointed to handle the brand’s integrated advertising business back in January.

A screenshot from Paddy Power's new campaign advertising Cheltenham Festival

Campaign #10: BBC - Eurovision 2023

Brand: BBC / The Eurovision Song Contest

Category: Live Event

Agency: Superunion / Starlight Creative

Medium: Branding

Coming to you live from Liverpool, it’s the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. Ok, it’s not quite live yet, but we’ve only got 74 days (at the time of writing) until the grand finale of television’s most spectacular event.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that the United Kingdom is hosting this years’ contest on behalf of Ukraine. Kalush Orchestra won back in 2022 with their pop-folk hit ‘Stefania,’ with the UK’s Sam Ryder coming in second place singing the equally catchy ‘Spaceman.’

Designed in partnership with UK-based creative company Superunion and Ukranian creative studios Starlight Creative, the look is much more vibrant than previous years, with the flags of both countries being used as inspiration for the blue, yellow, and hot pink colour pallet.

The studios chose a sans serif typeface called Penny Lane for the ‘United by Music’ slogan, inspired by 20th-century cast iron signs displaying Liverpool street names.

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Campaign #11 - First Direct: Skint Stinks

Brand: First Direct Bank

Category: Financial Services

Agency: Wunderman Thompson UK

Medium: TV

Are you a fan of a tenuous link? Leeds was in the bidding to host Eurovision 2023 and their largest arena is sponsored by First Direct. That brings us nicely to First Direct’s new campaign ‘Skint Stinks.’

Created by integrated marketing agency, Wunderman Thompson UK, the ad features an anthropomorphic skunk airing the frustrations of young people up and down the country when it comes to finances.

Launching on the 30th of January, the campaign is social-first, with activations across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Towards the middle of February, Xbox players will be met with an interactive landing page experience challenging them to complete a first direct branded minigame for Xbox vouchers.

Campaign #12- Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood: Shaping Us

Brand: Royal Foundation

Category: Charities

Agency: Wonderhood Studios

Medium: TV

At the end of January, Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales (not that one) launched a major new awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of the crucial importance of the first five years of a child’s life.

Entitled ‘Shaping Us,’ the long-term campaign from The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood launched with the release of a short film, highlighting how babies and children develop in response to their earliest experiences.

The film, featuring the track “Breathe a Breath of Me” by Lokki, will appear on Piccadilly Lights at Piccadilly Circus and will be screened in cinemas around the UK.

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Campaign #13 - EE Hope United: GayVAR

Brand: EE

Category: Telecoms

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

Medium: Online

If someone asked me what ‘GayVAR’ was, I’d probably say it was to help RuPaul decide, in her older age, who wins a lip-sync in Drag Race. Turns out it’s actually a new integrated campaign from EE to highlight and tackle the issue of online homophobia within football.

EE’s Hope United squad will be monitoring social media across three Premier League game weeks, with GayVAR content posted in response to specific moments that have been found to generate spikes in online homophonic abuse (bad goalkeeping, dives and losses etc.)

The short videos will highlight the ridiculous and archaic nature of homophobia, and will be shared across EE’s social media channels with the message that it isn’t just ‘banter.’

Hope United was formed by Saatchi & Saatchi London, with PR run by Pitch Marketing Group and media buying by Essence.

Campaign #14 - Hilton Hotels & Resorts: Happy Surprise Extras

Brand: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Category: Travel & Tourism

Agency: TBWA London

Medium: TV

Admit it - we’ve all stayed in some dodgy hotels in our time. I don’t think, however, that I’ve had to pay extra for electricity or a kettle. These are some of the hidden extras a shocked traveller is told she’ll have to pay for in Hilton Hotels & Resorts' new ad.

Created by TBWA London, the new UK campaign builds off the global brand platform that puts the hotels back into hotel marketing.

The integrated campaign launches Hilton’s new 'Hilton. For The Stay' creative platform in the UK, and will cover TV, Social, Radio, and Digital Audio.

Hilton - Happy Surprise Extras

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Campaign #15 – McDonald’s: Own Your McSpicy Face

Brand: McDonald’s

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: Leo Burnett

Medium: TV

Last month we highlighted McDonald’sRaise your Arches’ campaign, the first not to feature any of the fast-food chain’s restaurants or products. Their latest campaign includes both, more specifically the McSpicy as it becomes a permanent feature on the McDonald’s menu.

The ad, again from Leo Burnett, calls on the UK to own their ‘McSpicy face,’ centred around the creative insight that everyone has a face they pull when they eat spicy food.

Campaign #16 - Kleenex: Save the Sleeve

Brand: Kleenex

Category: FMCG

Agency: FCB Inferno

Medium: TV

And so we come to the last of our campaign spotlights for February. I’m not crying, you are. If you are crying, a new campaign from Kleenex is urging you to ‘Save the sleeve,’ and use tissues to mop up the tears instead.

The campaign from FCB Inferno encourages people to ‘Grab a Kleenex’ instead, because only a Kleenex will do when someone needs a tissue.


Campaign #17 – Pregnant Then Screwed: A Cry For Help

Brand: Pregnant Then Screwed

Category: Charity

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Medium: Digital OOH, Social Media

To raise awareness of the UK childcare crisis, Pregnant Then Screwed partnered with creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi to launch a nationwide integrated campaign – ‘A Cry For Help’.

Running across digital out-of-home, Spotify and social media, the innovative creative centred around the sound of a baby crying is literally impossible to ignore – much like the childcare crisis that the charity is trying to tackle.

The campaign, released in time for Mother’s Day 2023, also shed light on the stark findings that three in four mothers who pay for childcare say it no longer makes financial sense for them to work.

Pregnant Then Screwed: A Cry For Help

Campaign #18 – Cadbury: Worldwide Hide

Brand: Cadbury

Category: Confectionery

Agency: VCCP London

Medium: TV, Digital OOH

For the third year running, Cadbury and creative agency VCCP London announced the return of the ‘Worldwide Hide’ campaign in the run up to Easter.

The chocolate brand is once again giving participants the option to hide a digital easter egg on a virtual map via Google Street view for their special someone to find – gifting a real chocolate egg once found.

The campaign consists of a 20-second spot, showing a giant purple egg placed in locations around the world with a voiceover reiterating the thoughtful idea behind the ‘Worldwide Hide’. In addition, Cadbury launched bespoke digital billboards across the UK which featured real hiding spots used on their Worldwide Hide platform.

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Campaign #19 – Guinness 0.0: Make it a St Patrick’s Day to Remember

Brand: Guinness

Category: Alcoholic Beverage

Agency: AMV BBDO

Medium: TV, OOH

To kick off this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Guinness 0.0 in collaboration with AMV BBDO launched its biggest responsible drinking campaign – ‘Make it a St. Patrick’s Day to Remember’, encouraging consumers to try their alternative non-alcoholic beer.

Along with the 30-second spot featuring a pint of Guinness 0.0 singing along to Bonnie Tyler’s – I Need a Hero, the drinks company rebranded four iconic pub facades across Ireland into ‘Guinness 0.0 Pubs’ including O’ Donoghues (Dublin), O’ Connell’s (Galway), O’ Sullivans (Cork) and Common Market (Belfast) where customers could enjoy a free pint of Guinness 0.0 on March 17th.

Campaign #20 – Nando’s: This Must Be The Place

Brand: Nando’s UK

Category: Restaurant Chain

Agency: Zenith

Medium: TV

Nando’s unveiled a new brand platform and national campaign – ‘This Must Be The Place’, featuring cameos from celebrities Bukayo Saka, Grime Gran and Niko B.

The campaign, produced in partnership with its media agency Zenith intends to embody the chains ethos of bringing people together, “not only over delicious flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, but over unique shared experiences too”.

The ad has proven popular amongst the Gen-Z audience and is currently running across TV and video-on-demand and cinema.

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Campaign #21 – The Ben Kinsella Trust: Knife Crime

Brand: The Ben Kinsella Trust

Category: Charity

Agency: M&C Saatchi London & Clear Channel UK

Medium: TV, Digital OOH

In collaboration with M&C Saatchi London, The Ben Kinsella Trust unveiled their innovative AI campaign ahead of Mother’s Day, to raise awareness of the devastating impact of knife crime.

The campaign’s digital-out-of-home posters utilise a machine learning system, developed by Clear Channel UK, to display the heart-sinking thoughts that go through a mother’s mind upon the sound of an ambulance siren. #stopknifecrime.

Campaign #22 – Women’s Equality Party: See it. Say it. Ignore it.

Brand: Women’s Equality Party

Category: Feminist Group

Agency: Quiet Storm

Medium: Print

Feminist group – Women’s Equality Party, plastered the streets of London with posters mocking the Metropolitan Police in wake of the damning evidence published by Casey Review, branding the force as institutionally racist, sexist, and homophobic.

Designed by Quiet Storm, the ‘See it. Say it. Ignore it.’ campaign posters aim to address the cases of rape, sexual assault, and harassment by abusers within the force and demands the government to carry out immediate statutory inquiry into misogyny in the police instead of ignoring this worrying situation.

The design cleverly mimics existing policing promotional material, but this time showcasing police officers laughing as a woman is attacked by another officer in the background.

Women's Equality Party: See it. Say it. Ignore it.

Campaign #23 – M&M’s: Easter Together

Brand: M&M’s

Category: Confectionary

Agency: The&Partnership

Medium: TV, Radio

M&M’s in collaboration with The&Partnership encouraged the public to ‘Easter Together’ this year with a new seasonal integrated campaign, spearheaded by a hero 15-second spot.

The campaign aims to remind audiences that Easter is always more enjoyable when celebrated together – in line with M&M’s brand purpose to ‘use the power of fun to include everyone’.

Featuring a selection of M&M’s characters engaged in a range of tasks during the festive time, the spot will also be supported by radio activity.

Campaign #24 – Tesco: Easter Egg Hunt

Brand: Tesco

Category: Supermarket chain

Agency: BBH

Medium: TV, Social Media

Tesco celebrated Easter this year by giving its iconic logo and egg-themed makeover as part of their unique Easter Egg Hunt campaign.

The temporary logo re-design consists of a cracked egg imprinted on the Tesco ‘O’ across thousands of stores, delivery vans, billboards and more nationwide.

Developed by creative agency BBH, the cracked egg logo has also been hidden in 19 surprise locations around the UK - lucky customers who spot one of these have the chance of winning £1,000 if shared on social media with the #CrackingEaster.

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