With ever-changing routes and approaches to campaign delivery, when is the right time to inject creativity back into your brand? In this session, our experts share the often, overlooked opportunities to leverage creative outputs across your strategy.

In today’s digital age, consumers are frequently bombarded with brand messaging across various platforms, yet research suggests that only 16% of advertising is both recalled and correctly attributed to a brand.

However, creative campaigns done right are proven to deliver stronger results for your brand, with an increase in awareness and brand loyalty.

In our latest workshop, ‘Putting the Creativity back into your Creative – Investing in your Brand Strategy’, our experts discuss the self-imposed limits on when and where to invest in creative outputs across different elements of your brand strategy, along with practical guidance for putting creativity front and centre of your marketing activation.

Our experts:

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In this Article:

  • Framing where creativity sits within your brand strategy
  • The evolving nature of creativity within marketing
  • How to get more from your creative strategy
  • Demonstrating ROI with your creative activation


Framing where creativity sits within your brand strategy

Laura highlights, “your creative and brand strategy should work in harmony, there is a tendency to view creative campaigns in silos, whether that be a quarterly or yearly focus – but you must think about how they feed into the wider picture.”

Nick adds, “a business should have a strategy – full stop. We've all got one fundamental aim, which we're working towards as a business, therefore having a creative strategy as a separate thing to that is nonsensical.

We should be looking at creative ways to solve those problems that block you from achieving your business objectives or goals.”

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The evolving nature of creativity within marketing

Simon says, “in today's marketing space, big ideas come and go, therefore modern creativity requires you to think longer, not bigger – meaning ideas that can travel further across channels, commerce, and culture.

Furthermore, we’re now talking with consumers not at them anymore, so these longer lasting ideas can start to transcend that customer journey, whether it's physical or digital.

Ultimately from brands to agencies, it's more of a mindset shift – if you start to think longer, not bigger, you can further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these ideas.

Simon Long, Global Executive Creative Director, IMA-HOME on Modern Creativity

How to get more from your creative strategy

Resonate with your Audience

Immy says, “be efficient with the time that you have by preparing a plan to make sure everything is setup correctly and assets are ready. But also, part of that plan, is having those first-party insights to ensure your strategy resonates with your audience.

For example, putting a poll out to your target audience on when they would like to be hearing about Christmas, you can then use these insights to get buy-in and craft your strategy.”

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Create a Behavioural Change

Laura highlights, “if you are coming up against issues or problems with your creative, it’s important to create a behavioural change internally.”  

She adds, “make sure everyone's voices are considered – if they feel like they're part of the process, you tend to get easier buy-in and things run a lot smoother.

A simple way of doing this is undertaking a company-wide questionnaire to get people's thoughts and opinions so they feel more involved.”

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Have a Creative Brief

Nick says, “get a creative brief written to have a clear focus for your creative output.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Set that up as succinctly and clearly as you possibly can, and then apply your creativity to coming up with answers to it, this way everyone's working towards a goal that they have pre-agreed with.”

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Demonstrating ROI with your creative activation

Grace says, “if you find a small area within your marketing or communications that feels less risky, or less noticeable to C-suite, you can start small there, take creative risks, build it up, and use that as a lighthouse to prove that creativity works.

Then once you've proven that those things develop an internal impact – it’s creative, it’s fun and it's working – you’re more likely to be allowed from C-suite to take it across other channels and other strategies.

Developing a system on returning on investment is almost part of the problem, as it takes away a lot of the creativity.”


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