It’s the first day of meteorological spring, and we’re kicking off the change of seasons by exploring eight of the best marketing and advertising campaigns of last month - February - and the creative brains behind them.

Can you believe we’re already in March? Spring is a time for cleansing and new beginnings, and this ‘refresh’ appears to be a common theme for brands in their most recent campaigns. Many are retiring old and iconic brand positionings for something new. Others are sticking to what they know, but with a renewed angle.

We kick off our round-up with Tesco Mobile, and their not-so shiitake campaign to call out other networks for risings prices.

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Tesco Mobile (What A Load of Shiitake.) 

I love nothing more than a good pun, and the new campaign from Tesco Mobile is full of them! Aimed at challenging competitors over their mid-contract price rises, the campaign from BBH uses puns like ‘What the fettuccini?’ and ‘What a load of shiitake,’ to call out the ‘big four’ networks and commit to fixed prices for their own network.

The campaign launched on February the 18th and will run across social, digital, press, radio and OOH until the end of March. It’s part of the company’s wider ‘Supermarket Mobile’ brand position, with the strap-line ‘This is Supermarket Mobile.’

Tesco Mobile Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Swift, said, “This year, mid-contract prices increases are at their highest ever and, when customers are facing a cost of living crisis, they couldn’t have come at a more challenging time.”

Speaking about the campaign, Creative Director at BBH Uche Ezugwu said, “As soon as I heard about this proposition, I knew this was too good an opportunity to pass up. It’s not often you get to vent your anger on a poster and talk about mushrooms at the same time.”

McDonalds Thailand (Valentines Day) 

Another thing I love just as much as puns are optical illusions, which is why McDonald's Thailand’s recent campaign caught my eye (literally.)

The images, released to mark Valentine’s Day, first appear to show two people about to lock lips. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll see that one of the lustful couple is actual a signature McDonald's Big Mac. Disturbed? You should be.

The posters were created by TBWA Thailand and were released on the company’s social media channels. Whether you’re ‘lovin’ it’ or not, the posters definitely created a buzz online.

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Craghoppers (Layered Innovation) 

To launch their new season campaign, the team at Craghoppers headed over to Gran Canaria to put the new collection through its paces.

According to their Brand Manager Charlotte Jackson, the overarching campaign theme explores ‘Layered innovation,’ and with 57 years of expertise under their belt, the brand is “layered with history and experience to create world renowned products that perform.” 

Talking specifically about the brand, Charlotte told GO!, “Our focus for the SS22 season campaign was to create authentic and engaging content that connects with why people love the outdoors, and the benefits it gives us. The new season collection is layered with innovative technology and eco credentials to further cement our commitment to sustainability.

Over 70% of all product in the range is made from recycled materials. Our new season campaign tests the kit and really shows the breadth of the collection. We really do have product suitable for every type of adventure.” 

Lloyds Bank (Drumbeat) 

They’re becoming a regular feature in our monthly campaign highlights, and feature twice for February. In the first of two, adam&eveDDB are highlighted for launching a new integrated campaign with Lloyds Bank. Using the brand’s iconic black horse, the campaign demonstrates the bank’s continued commitment to be by the side of their customers.

At the centre of the campaign is a TV spot that depicts horses running through familiar locations while everyday life goes on around them. The strength and power of the herd is balanced in the ad’s final moments, with a tender moment between one of the horses and a young woman.

The action is set to an original orchestral version of “Giant” by Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Virgin Media (We’re Better, Connected) 

Second up for adam&eveDDB is their work with Virgin Media, which sees a young female skateboarder taking inspiration from online videos and connecting with friends to encourage the performance of a trick.

The campaign draws from the speed leadership of Virgin Media’s hyper-fast network, with gigabit speeds now available to more than 15.5 million homes across the country. The ad celebrates the power of connectivity in bringing new friends together. It’s also part of Virgin Media’s mission to feature ‘the under-represented’ in advertising. 

The company carried out research that found skateboarding communities are highly inclusive, connecting people from a range of ages and background. The rise of online communities has allowed skateboarders to share their skills with people from all over the world and engage with new audiences. The star of the advert, Aamira, is part of a group called ‘Melanin Skate Gals & Pals,’ a London community with a mission to empower marginalised communities as well as amplifying their voices and was the inspiration behind the new campaign. 

Pringles (Mind Popping) 

The iconic crisp-in-a-tube brand Pringles launched their new marketing campaign, celebrating people who love to express their playful side. The Pop, Play, Eat and ‘Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop,’ positioning has been refreshed to the shorter ‘Mind Popping.’ The campaign runs across TV, VOD, online video, social and OOH and is the creation of London-based agency Grey

The concept was inspired by the brand’s heritage and took two years to develop. ‘Mind Popping’ reflects that Pringles set out to create a ‘mind blowing’ snack, from its iconic curved shape to the tubular can. The first creative execution from the campaign, ‘You Were Made for Pringles,’ is a fictional take on how humans were made for the crisp.

Pizza Express (Expressly For Everyone)

After that infamous visit, Pizza Express is getting a slice of the marketing action with its new ‘Expressly for Everyone’ brand positioning. The campaign, created by Truant London and produced by Spindle, also marks the start of a collaboration with actor and comedian David Mitchell, who will become the voice of the brand.

Directed by Daniel Lundh of Spindle, the ad features a mix of pizza-loving misfits. Whether you’re stealing the last slice, skipping the gym or kissing your best mate’s ex, the Pizza Express Club rewards everyone.

The media strategy, created by the7stars, sees the brand launch their first major AV campaign in over ten years.

Reign Body Fuel (The Gym Saved My Life) 

Talking of skipping the gym, Monster Energy brand, Reign Total Body Fuel, have partnered with award-winning production studio KODE to create ‘The Gym Saved my Life.’ This four-minute short tells of the personal struggle that Tom Stoltman, aka The World’s Strongest Man, had has with autism.

The film is directed by David Barr and has been produced by KODE. It is one part of a trilogy of films, each focussing on authentic and inspirational stories focussing on athletes overcoming different barriers to achieve their goals.

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