With more options for PR & Communications activity than ever, how do you define the right angle for your business? In this session, our experts share everything you need to assess, prioritise, and deliver an effective PR strategy that works for you.

With advances in technology, growth of influencer engagement, and rise of social media marketing, the avenues to an effective PR strategy continue to expand in 2024.

In this virtual session, our experts explore the changes to PR in the last year, the differing ideas of what PR entails, and the key considerations before activating an effective PR strategy that works in a new landscape.

During this 1-hour workshop, our panel talk about:

🟣 The changing definition of what ‘PR’ entails in 2024.

🟣 The best PR opportunities for your brand - and common mistakes to avoid.

🟣 Practical guidance for building a modernised PR strategy in the new year.

🟣 What to keep in mind when seeking external support.

Our speakers:

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