Membership to The GO! Network:

Subject to the Agency paying the Membership Fee, the Agency shall be appointed as a member of the GO! Network and be entitled to receive the Member Benefits during the Term.

The Agency acknowledges and agrees that the Member Benefits are subject to change and GO! may make changes to the Member Benefits in its absolute discretion.  The live member benefits can be found below, so please check this regularly to stay fully informed of the Member Benefits available at a particular time.

Schedule 1 – Live Member Benefits

  1. Introduction of qualified new business opportunities when the opportunity criteria fits the capabilities and delivery model of the agency where applicable.
  2. Complete briefing document and background information for each Brand the Agency is to be Introduced to (where applicable).
  3. One GO! Network onboarding session, with the GO! network team in order for GO! to gain an understanding of the Agency’s offering;
  4. Optional in person Case Study Presentation to the GO team at the GO! Offices;
  5. Access to the monthly GO! Network insights bulletin download;
  6. Quarterly Membership reviews with GO! Network Team Manager
  7. Annual Membership review with a GO! Network Team Manager in Month 11 of the Initial Membership Term or Renewal Term (as applicable);
  8. Opportunity to amplify Agency content to the GO! audience (where applicable);
  9. Marketing collaboration opportunities (where applicable)