As we embark on a new year, take a look at 24 of the most impactful creative and digital marketing ad campaigns in 2022.

With the current global digital advertising market valued at $602.25 billion and forecasted to rise by 13.1% in 2023, we look back at the most impactful ad campaigns launched in the last 12 months.

From BBC's ice-credible spot announcing their coverage of the Winter Olympic Games to Tesco Mobile's not-so shiitake campaign and Aston Manor's adaptation of N.W.A hit 'Straight Outta Compton', here's our favourite most impactful Creative, Digital, and OOH advertising campaigns of 2022...

January - BBC: Winter Olympics 2022 | Oatly: The New Norm&Al

February - Tesco Mobile: What a Load of Shiitake. | McDonald's Thailand: Valentines Day

March - Foodstuff: Deliver-Who? Billboard | Cadbury: Cadbury Worldwide Hide

April - Rightmove: One Day Could be Today | The Fragrance Shop: Freshly Baked Bread

May - Netflix: Stranger Things Pizza Pop-up | Tyrrells Crisps: Splendid News

June - Ribena: Chin Up! | California Almond: Do you Almond x Marvel Studios

July - Sports Direct: Girls Don't Like Football | Aston Manor: Straight Outta Crumpton

August - TK Maxx: TK Maxx Has a Website | Paddy Power: Love Football, Intimately

September - Shelter: Cost of Living Hacks | British Heart Foundation: The Noisy Generation

October - Stonewall: Lets Give Homophobia a Career-Ending Tackle | Smart Energy GB: Gadget

November - Asda: A Magical Christmas, All Wrapped Up | National Autistic Society: Now I Know

December - Auto Trader: Matchmaker | Whatsapp (Meta): For the Fireworks Within

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Brand: BBC

Category: Sport Event

Agency: BBC Creative

Month Released: January

BBC broke the ice for its coverage of the Winter Olympics 2022 only 10 days before the event was set to begin in Beijing with an extraordinary multi-media animation.

Produced by BBC Creative and directed by Balazs Simon the trailer, while it may look like they have used cubes of ice and real snow, the sculptures are actually 3D printed models with entire scenes produced frame by frame.

Simon expressed that creating the spot was “quite a challenge. My personal favourite task was coming up with a solution for the camerawork in the snow scenes. To get a first-hand experience of the characters’ efforts, I wanted to bring the viewer as close to them as possible: a great example of how a seemingly simple creative decision could grow into a big web of intertwined technical challenges.”


Brand: Oatly

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: Nexus Studios

Month Released: January

Kicking of ‘Veganuary' last year, Oatly - the world's largest producers of alternative dairy drinks, launched its biggest UK campaign, ‘THE NEW NORM&AL SHOW,' aiming to initiate a nationwide conversation around the normality of a plant-based diet.

The campaign was launched as a five-episode mini-series featuring two puppets called Norm & Al in the form of drink cartons, with each episode portraying their journey to a plant-based diet.

Developed in collaboration with BAFTA-winning production company, Nexus Studios, the launch had been supported by Oatly’s largest UK digital media buy campaign across broadcast VOD (Sky, All4 and ITV Hub), a programmatic VOD (YouTube), display ads and a social VOD (Facebook & Instagram).

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Brand: Tesco Mobile

Category: Telecommunications

Agency: BBH

Month Released: February

Tesco Mobile: What a Load of Shiitake.

We love nothing more than a good pun, and Tesco Mobile's February campaign was full of them! Aimed at challenging competitors over their mid-contract price rises, the advertisement produced by BBH incorporates puns such as ‘What the fettuccini?’ and ‘What a load of shiitake,’ to call out the ‘big four’ networks and commit to fixed prices of their own.

Launched on February the 18th, the campaign ran across social, digital, press, radio and OOH until the end of March as part of their wider 'This is Supermarket Mobile' initiative.

In relation, Tesco Mobile Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Swift said, “This year, mid-contract prices increases are at their highest ever and, when customers are facing a cost of living crisis, they couldn’t have come at a more challenging time.”


Brand: McDonald's Thailand

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: TBWA Thailand

Month Released: February

McDonalds Thailand: Valentines Day

McDonald's Thailand valentine campaign last year certainly caught the eye of audiences around the globe, with what first appears as two people about to lock lips, upon closer inspection, you soon realise it's actually someone about to tuck into a signature McDonald's Big Mac. Disturbed? you should be.

The posters created by TBWA Thailand consisted of 3 different optical illusion images with the slogan 'i'm lovin' it' thrown in for good measure and were first released across social media channels which instantly created a huge buzz online. Whether you’re ‘lovin’ it’ or not, there's no denying its marketing team has some creative flair.

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Brand: Foodstuff

Category: Delivery Service

Month Released: March

Foodstuff: Deliver-who? Billboard

Foodstuff, a food delivery service alternative to the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats, launched their OOH campaign across several UK cities in March. With a jibe aimed at one of their biggest competitors, the pink billboards display the question 'Deliver-who? above the brand's 'rock-n-roll' hand salute logo.

Unlike their competitors, Foodstuff charge restaurants a flat fee per month for using their platform rather than a commission-based system, and their riders are paid the National Living Wage.

Speaking on the campaign, Toby Savil, Co-Founder and CEO said, “We just wanted to celebrate how proud we are of our brand. You may have noticed we don’t shy away from basking in playing the underdog.”


Brand: Cadbury

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: VCCP London

Month Released: March

The iconic chocolate brand announced the return of their Easter egg hiding experience 'Cadbury Worldwide Hide' in 2022 with a spot created by VCCP London. This time bigger and better then the year before, chocolate egg fans had the option of hiding a real Cadbury Easter egg on a virtual map for their special someone to find.

In addition, leaning on their partnership with Manchester United, Cadbury had created 3 Limited-Edition Football-themed Easter Eggs, and allowed fans to participate in a special Worldwide Hide platform that is co-branded between Cadbury and Manchester United.

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Brand: Rightmove

Category: Real Estate

Agency: Fold7

Month Released: April

In April, the UK’s biggest Real Estate website Rightmove launched their motivational spot 'One day could be today.' Produced by London based creative agency Fold7, the campaign was designed to make people think about the different life they could be leading if they had made the move they’ve always wanted to.

The purpose of the ad comes off the back of market research conducted by Rightmove, which showed that 69% of people had moved to a new area in the last year, of which 64% were happier with their life-changing decision.

Directed by Hannah Maria Heidrich, The TVC campaign portrays an unhappy scarecrow in a rainy field who dreams of her ideal home; a beautiful stone cottage, and eventually receives a sign to break free from her restraints by using the Rightmove app.


Brand: The Fragrance Shop

Category: Health & Beauty

Month Released: April

Based on the fact that the UK’s favourite smell is freshly baked bread, The Fragrance Shop did some experiential marketing to put this to the test.

In a snappy video littered with emojis and memes, a member of the team asked unsuspecting shoppers what they thought was the nation’s favourite smell. After guessing scents such as coffee, roses, strawberry, and lavender, they were informed that it was in fact bread.

Not to be left empty handed, the ‘participants’ were handed a perfume-bottle shaped in the piece of – you guessed it – freshly baked bread. So, what was the purpose behind this campaign? It was all to promote getting 20% off all year round, free delivery and exclusive perks by becoming a ‘My TFS’ member.

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Brand: Netflix

Category: Streaming Service

Agency: BBH

Month Released: May

Netflix: Stranger Things Pizza Pop-up

Created by BBH, this experiential campaign focused around the popular Netflix series - Stranger Things, appeared in Shoreditch over a period of days and first begin as posters advertising fictional products from 'Hawkins'.

Over time, hazmat-clad workers set up a tent to cover up the posters, urging passers-by to step back. Taking to Twitter, the official Netflix UK and Ireland account said that there was ‘nothing to see here', leaving fans in a sense of anticipation.

Eventually the mystery was solved when fans were invited to step through a portal to the 'Upside Down' on Friday 2nd May. However, instead of coming face-to-face with Vecna (the antagonist of the 4th series), event-goers got to experience the taste, smell and feel of Stranger Things, complete with a 'Demogorgon' inspired pizza.

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Brand: Tyrrells Crisps

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: St Luke's

Month Released: May

Owned by snack giant KP Snacks, premium crisp brand Tyrrells launched a 20-second ad campaign called 'Splendid News', appearing across video-on-demand platforms and social media channels.

The humorous spot campaign produced by creative agency St Luke's, stuck to the signature old-fashioned Tyrrells style - displaying black and white Pathé footage of the public holding and admiring giant colourful versions of the snack both in and out of the packet.

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Brand: Ribena

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: BBH

Month Released: June

Ribena began the month with their campaign launch - ‘Chin Up!,’ themed around laughing through those awkward moments in life that we can all relate to (like calling your teacher 'mum').

Created by BBH, the various spots portray such moments along common phrases containing the word 'been' which is replaced by 'Ribena', i.e. the phrase ‘When you've been caught out' becomes ‘When you’ve Ribena caught out.’

Reflecting on the campaign, Bridget Hirst, former Senior Brand Manager at Ribena, said "Ribena’s repositioning represents a major shift in direction for the brand, with the aim to be seen as more than just bouncing berries and nostalgia.

To do this, we worked with BBH to create comms that people couldn’t help but chuckle at and relate to."

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Brand: California Almonds and Marvel Studios

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: isobel

Month Released: June

Last year, California Almonds had teamed up with Marvel Studios to promote the release of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, by launching their iconic 'Do You Almond?' ad campaign, but this time portraying a woman taking on the challenge of lifting Thor's hammer from the ground.

The TV spot created by London-based creative agency isobel, ends with the woman rising to the challenge after eating her almonds, cutting to the titular phrase 'Do you almond?'

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Brand: Sports Direct

Category: Sports Retailer

Agency: COPA90

Month Released: July

Sports Direct in collaboration with Football media agency COPA90 tackled the archaic misconception by launching an ad campaign which responds with a playful punchline - 'Girls don't like football... we love it!'

Reflecting on the spot, Gavin Rowe, Chief Creative Officer at COPA90 shared, "consumers are first met with the tension of this idea which is then flipped on its head, done with a zealous rebuttal in the form of a celebration of the game that delivers a punchline of real truth."


Brand: Aston Manor

Category: Food & Drink

Agency: McCann Birmingham

Month Released: July

Aston Manor Cider partnered with McCann Birmingham to launch its first-ever TV advert last year, which gained increased popularity amongst viewers.

Speaking on the hit campaign, Calli O’Brien, Head of Marketing at Aston Manor said, "we decided to create a play on N.W.A's ‘Straight Outta Compton’ because it is a song that resonates with both loyal, and new cider drinkers.

“Crumpton Oaks represents inclusion and affordability, because we believe that everyone deserves a great pint. We are delighted to be able to raise awareness of our flagship cider brand, which is especially important during the current financial challenges that we are all facing."

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Brand: TK Maxx

Category: Clothing Retailer

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Month Released: August

TK Maxx has a website. It’s true – it’s right here, and it was the hook for their new marketing campaign last year in aim to spread the message far and wide.

Directed by Lou Escobar and in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy London, the TV spot reaffirms that the retailer, does in fact, have a website. The hyper-real film with flashy and sparkling visuals shows a woman sat with her friends in a restaurant discovering the site on her phone. After the initial shock subsides, she tells her friends who are then equally as surprised. Just to confirm - TK Maxx has a website.

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Brand: Paddy Power

Category: Betting Service

Agency: Droga5 London

Month Released: August

Before the start of the Premier League last year, Paddy Power geared up with a love story to excite football fans across the nation.

Produced by Droga5 London, The video featured Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy sitting in a pub watching a match, before a red card is shown, and Crouch is instantly propelled on the pitch to live out some of his ‘intimate’ fantasies - including - a bath tub of red cards and recreating the famous Dirty Dancing lift with Mark Clattenburg.

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Brand: Shelter

Category: Charity

Month Released: September

Shelter: Cost of Living Hacks

‘Turn those ready-for-the-bin bananas into banana bread’, ‘just work more hours’ and ‘reuse your old teabags’ are just some of the excessive hacks suggested by the media and politicians to cope with the increased cost-of-living.

However, Shelter’s new campaign contrasts satirical cost-of-living hacks with their alternative ‘hack’: that the government takes responsibility for the crisis and makes housing more affordable.

The campaign was developed after a recent report revealed that almost one-in-seven (1.1 million) private renters in England experienced a rent increase in the last month as well as a rise in emergency calls from people on the struggling to keep a roof over their heads due to the increased housing bills.

Designed by the Shelter’s in-house creative team, the campaign uses hacks illustrated by Federica Martini and was published via social media, online and outdoor platforms on the 26th of September.


Brand: British Heart Foundation

Category: Charity (health)

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

Month Released: September

We’re taking it back to the 60s with the British Heart Foundation’s new ad campaign ‘The Noisy Generation’. While most charities take a sombre approach to inspire donations from the boomer generation, the BHF conveys a more upbeat outlook with the launch of this 60-second commercial.

Created by Nexus Studios and Mischa Rozema along with Saatchi & Saatchi London, the spot transports viewers on a nostalgic journey through some of the most impactful events of the 60s and 70s, all of which are spearheaded by the British rock anthem ‘Cum on Feel the Noize

The ad then turns to modern day and a woman sitting alone contemplating her will with the voice-over stating: "We were a noisy generation, but it might be something quiet that we do that becomes our greatest legacy", as the scene switches to a heart research facility.

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Brand: Stonewall

Category: Public Interest

Agency: Lucky Generals

Month Released: October

Stonewall: Let's Give Homophobia a Career-Ending Tackle

In response to the controversial human rights record surrounding the host nation of the World Cup 2022, LGBTQI+ charity Stonewall in partnership with Lucky Generals set out to create a campaign aimed at reminding people that while Rainbow Laces continue to change the game, ‘we haven’t won it yet.’  

Called ‘Lace up to keep it up,’ the advertisement features several assets using clever takes on well-known football idioms and phrases to highlight such ongoing issues.


Brand: Smart Energy GB

Category: Energy Supplier

Agency: AMV BBDO

Month Released: October

To spread the message of how a smart meter can help us better manage our household budgets and save energy, Smart Energy GB partnered with AMV BBDO to launch an integrated marketing campaign in October last year.

As part of their brand platform “Join the Energy Revolution,” the second piece of work to feature the famous physicist Albert Einstein sees him still getting to grips with certain aspects of modern life. Meeting for a cup of tea, his neighbour Darren spots Einstein’s smart meter and asks if it’s a new gadget of his. Einstein explains that it shows how much energy he’s using daily, weekly, and monthly. Darren double checks that it’s not a time machine, with Einstein replying, ‘of course not Darren, that’s in the shed.’

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Brand: Asda

Category: Supermarket

Agency: Our Creative

Month Released: November

Asda: A Magical Christmas, All Wrapped Up by Asda

We had to feature at least one Christmas-themed campaign...

GO! Network member Our Creative was tasked with modernising Asda’s Christmas range and elevating its quality perceptions.

The agency delivered “A Magical Christmas, All Wrapped up by Asda,” which reimagines packaging as a ‘beautifully wrapped present. Each side considered with a wrap-around pattern, handwritten elements, and a Christmas cracker humour stamp.’

The collaboration came off the back of Our Creative’s design for Asda's new ‘Just Essentials’ range, and the news that the supermarket recorded its best results in two years in part to the range’s popularity with customers.

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Brand: National Autistic Society

Category: Charity

Agency: Ogilvy UK

Month Released: November

The National Autistic Society’s campaign ‘Now I Know’ is designed to shed a light on the lives of autistic women and non-binary people, and how to improve the understanding of autism.

Created by Ogilvy Health, the campaign features short films highlighting the personal experiences of women and non-binary people diagnosed with autism.

It is hoped that their stories will help reach those who are undiagnosed who might be ‘questioning, struggling, and blaming themselves for being different.’

According to the National Autistic Society’s website, “the campaign was inspired by the words of Dawn Mills, who was diagnosed at the age of 56 and features in the campaign. She said: “I always knew who I was, now I know why I am.”

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Brand: Auto Trader

Category: Automotive

Agency: Recipe

Month Released: December

We’re proud to include a campaign born from a successful partnership created through our own Network. The automotive sales group Auto Trader appointed London-based Recipe to help evolve their creative platform and develop a through-the-line master brand campaign.

The relationship saw the evolution of the ‘Britain’s Biggest Matchmaker’ campaign, which celebrates the diversity of the modern cay-buying public. It kicked off with the launch of a new TV advert and full YouTube takeover on Boxing Day, alongside social and digital audio content.

The 30-second TV ad is set to the song ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker,’ from the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ and presents different cars for different situations – “the one with the perfect size boot,” for new parents to store a pram, and “the one with keyless entry,” for a group of footballers running to their vehicle in the rain.

The campaign is expected to reach 98% of the population over 14 times between Boxing Day and 31st March, achieving over 122 million impacts across the period.


Brand: Meta

Category: Telecommunications

Agency: AMV BBDO

Month Released: December

A new campaign from WhatsApp, part of Meta, revealed the impact of connecting with friends and family in the run up to New Year.

The work, by AMV BBDO, highlights WhatsApp’s ability to help people have private conversations during the most universally shared cultural event of the year – the start of a new one.

The one-and-a-half-minute film follows three people from across the globe during New Year’s Eve celebrations. A mother puts her child to bed, a woman prepares herself a bath, and a doctor watches his ‘Maa’ attempting to tell a joke on video.

One by one they receive New Year wishes from friends and loved ones via WhatsApp, with the doctor’s mother struggling to finish the joke through laughing. In an emotional twist, it’s revealed the video is old, with a follow-up message reading ‘Wish Maa was still with us.’

We’re not crying, you are.

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