In a month where football came home after 56 years, we look at some of the most impactful creative advertising campaigns in July - and the brains behind them.

July 2022 closed with an outpouring of creativity - as brands scrambled to hit the right notes in response to the historic win of the England team, we saw some fantastic campaigns and creativity from the likes of everyone from The Royal Mail to Specsavers.

Still, there’s plenty more to explore in July from the creative world - here's what made an impact for us this month.

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The hook: ‘Girls don’t like football…we love it!’

Who made it: This campaign from Sports Direct was made in partnership with specialist Football media business COPA90.

What they said: On the campaign, Gavin Rowe, Chief Creative Officer at COPA90 shared,“What flowed naturally from the brief was a campaign that turned this archaic misconception ‘girls don’t like football’ and playfully countering it. 

Consumers are first met with the tension of this idea which is then flipped on its head, done with a zealous rebuttal in the form of a celebration of the game that delivers a punchline of real truth”.

CAMPAIGN #2: NatWest - Tomorrow Begins Today

The hook: The newest edition of NatWest’s brand platform encourages people to take action today, for a better tomorrow.

Who made it: The campaign from NatWest was created with support from The&Partnership.

What they said: On the campaign, Margaret Jobling, CMO at NatWest Group said, “For us, this is so much more than just a campaign. For us as a brand this is a motivational rallying cry, looking to stop people in their tracks and inspire them into taking action today, for a better tomorrow. 

We know that finances and financial decision making can often be something which we all put off and save for another day, which is why we want this activation to completely break category norms, leaving people feeling galvanised and ready to make change in their lives.”

CAMPAIGN #3: Chester Zoo - The World in a Day

The hook: This 40-second TV and cinema spot for Chester Zoo not only promotes the Zoo as an attraction, but seeks to also share the crucial conservation work underway.

Who made it: The not-for-profit Chester Zoo created the campaign in partnership with CHIEF and The Seed Project.

What they said: Helen Dean, Head of Marketing at Chester Zoo added: “When people visit Chester Zoo they often don’t realise that by simply visiting us they are supporting vital conservation work here at the zoo and across the world. 

The World in a Day has allowed us to both highlight the fantastic animals and immersive spaces at the zoo and our incredible global science and conservation work in a fun and interactive way. We can’t wait for everyone to see it on TV and cinema screens in the next couple of months.”

CAMPAIGN #4: ManyPets Insurance - Insure Your Happiness

The hook: The ManyPets team made the most of other parts of the news cycle in July with a variation on their current campaign, ‘Insure your happiness’.

ManyPets Insurance - Insure Your Happiness

Who made it: The series of ads have been created by ManyPets and Uncommon.

What they said: “Pets make everything better,” said Uncommon co-founder Lucy Jameson. “They don’t only bring us joy, they also have a proven positive impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing. 

In a world of stress and chaos, pets are more important than ever. We spotted there was a huge role and tension for ManyPets to play into here. We wanted to remind people that they have to insure their pets to ensure their happiness.”

CAMPAIGN #5: Pride in London – #AllOurPride 

The hook: The 2022 campaign for London Pride seeks to commemorate the shared past, present and experiences of the LGBT+ community.

Who made it: The creative for the 2022 campaign was developed in partnership with the LGBT+ led team behind WPP Unite.

What they said: “The iconic LGBTQ+ individuals in our campaign represent the unique span of our communities living, protesting, and thriving in our incredible capital city” said Asad Shaykh, Director of MarComms for Pride in London.

CAMPAIGN #6: Aston Manor – Straight Outta Crumpton

The hook: The cider brand has launched its first-ever TV advert - and they’ve made a splash doing it.

Who made it: Aston Manor Cider partnered with McCann Birmingham to deliver the hit.

What they said: Calli O’Brien, Head of Marketing at Aston Manor Cider, said: “We decided to create a play on N.W.A’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ because it is a song that resonates with both loyal, and new cider drinkers.

“Crumpton Oaks represents inclusion and affordability, because we believe that everyone deserves a great pint. We are delighted to be able to raise awareness of our flagship cider brand, which is especially important during the current financial challenges that we are all facing into.”

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