As a new report shows the UK media industry regained hundreds of millions of pounds in ad revenue over the past twelve months, we highlight eight marketing campaigns launched last month in April as 2022 shapes into another record-breaking year.

The latest Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report found that a record £31.9bn was spent on advertising in the UK last year, with the two largest sectors being search and online display.

With TV advertising spend shooting up 24% between 2020 and 2021 to a value of £5.5bn, and the overall ad market forecast to grow by 10.7% this year to £35.3bn, the UK has been cemented solidly as the largest advertising market in Europe and the third largest in the world, behind only the USA and China. So, who's standing out?

This week, we're highlighting a handful of the many campaigns launched in 2022 that will go some way to ensuring 2022 is going to be another record-breaking year for the marketing and advertising industry - and the creatives behind them.

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B&Q: Change. Made Easier.

“You can do it when you B&Q it” was the famous phrase I grew up from the DIY brand, and B&Q have taken their own advice by constructing a 24-ton rotating set for their latest marketing campaign.

“Change. Made easier,” created by London agency Uncommon Creative Studio, the message behind the campaign is that whatever life throws your way, you should be able to make the required changes at speed that suits your needs.

This message is illustrated in a 90 second film called ‘flip.’ The ‘whatever life throws your way part’ – a woman sat in the spare bedroom of her family home discovering she is expecting a new child. As the news sinks in, she realises changes will need to be made around the house. Said house then begins to literally shift around her as it starts to tilt 180 degrees.

TalkTalk: Pitstop

To announce its new full-fibre broadband speeds, TalkTalk partnered with The&Partnership in Manchester to create “Pit Stop.” Keeping with the pregnancy theme, the short TV spot features a couple rushing to hospital, with one of them in the full throws of labour. With the car low on fuel, they pull into a petrol station where a TalkTalk-branded ‘Formula One’ styled team perform a speedy pitstop job on the car, sending the couple quickly on their way again.

Created by Danny O’Keeffe and Adam McGowan, and directed by Jim Gilchrist through Outsider, the TV spot is part of a wider campaign that spans cinema, online video, outdoor press, digital and social.

Rightmove: One Day Could Be Today

The UK’s biggest property website Rightmove launched their latest campaign ‘One day today.” Created by the London based creative agency Fold7, the campaign is designed to make people think about the different life they could be leading if they had made the move they’ve always wanted to.

The campaign comes off the back of market research that Rightmove conducted which showed that 69% of people who had moved in the last year did so to a new area, making a significant life change. 64% of those said that they were happier in their new area.

The film depicts an unhappy scarecrow in a rainy field, constantly being pecked by crows and looking longingly over to the sun-soaked town in the distance. Closing her eyes, the scarecrow dreams of the life she could have walking through the cobbled streets towards to her ideal home; a beautiful stone cottage. Before she can reach the door, the dream is broken and she’s back in miserable the field.

When two children cycle past the next day and one drops their phone, a crow pecks at the screen to open the Rightmove app. This is the sign the scarecrow needed to break free from her restraints and run towards her new life in the town.

It was directed by Hanna Maria Heidrich through Believe Media and the campaign runs across television and outdoor.

Oatibix: Pirates

Continuing their maritime theme (it wasn’t long ago that they gave a little girl the strength to pull a submarine ashore), Weetabix’s sister product Oatibix has returned to TV for the first time in over ten years with a pirate inspired campaign to encourage people to start their day with a bowl of oaty goodness.

The TV ad sees a young boy being forced to walk the plank by a group of pirates. His last request is for a bowl of Oatibix and the swashbucklers oblige. They are next seen marooned on a small island, with the boy having commandeered their ship and sailing away looking smug. We guess the Oatibix worked.

The ad is part of a wider £2 million marketing investment including on-demand, social, digital and shopper marketing. It is hoped that the brand grows by over 30% by 2023.

Gymshark: The Return of Ryan Garcia

Apparel and fitness community brand Gymshark launched a new campaign at the beginning of the month with Gymshark athlete and professional fighter Ryan Garcia ahead of his comeback fight. 

Teaming up with creative think tank PRETTYBIRD, Gymshark produced a three-minute film to tell Ryan’s story and journey, showcasing the themes of family, conditioning, and ambition. 

After being considered as one of the most exciting fighters in boxing of the day, and his win against Great Britain’s Luke Campbell in January 2021, “King Ry” announced that he was seeking help for anxiety and depression and putting his career on hold.

This new campaign focusses on Ryan’s ability to overcome the adversity he has faced both in and out of the ring and build resilience as he gears up for the comeback fight against Emanuel Tagoe.

The campaign serves as an extension of the synergy between Ryan and Gymshark with the message of owning the journey and the power of perseverance. 

Lumo Travel: Flight Shame

With the distance between London and other cities in the north such as Newcastle and Edinburgh long enough to consider a quick flight, Lumo want people to think again through their new campaign based around the Swedish concept of ‘flight shame’ or ‘flygskam.’ This concept comes from the pressure to make the right environmental choices when it comes to travel. So instead of flying, Lumo wants you to consider using one of their fully electric trains travelling from London to Ediburgh.

To help them do this, Lumo enlisted the help of Mother to create a campaign across TV, press, digital OOH and social channels. In the TV spot, a woman called Jen is consumed by this ‘flygskam’ after her journey between London and Edinburgh. As such, she tries to offset her carbon footprint in several extravagant ways, with humorous and unexpected downsides.

Gorillas: Whatever London Wants

This OOH campaign from grocery delivery service Gorillas is aimed at educating Londoners about their own habits by revealing fascinating insights into how different boroughs behaviour in relation to one another.

Creative agency The Or is behind the multimedia ad campaign to mark the brand’s first year of operating in London. The Or was briefed with bringing to life all the different ways that Londoners use the delivery service, based on a year’s worth of data of what people were buying.

With new delivery services seemingly popping up every day, Gorillas differentiates itself by using bold creatives and double-entendres to highlight buying habits in different boroughs. For example, one poster says that the people in Lewisham ‘Let it grow,’ further explaining in smaller print that they order the least number of razors in all of London.

The campaign includes a TV ad uses the same techniques, stitching different footage together in suggestive ways. Both a post and pre-watershed version were produced to run across TV and VOD, as well as radio, digital and social coverage, and OOH.

The Fragrance Shop

Based on the idea that the UK’s favourite smell is freshly baked bread (personally mine is cut grass and creosote), The Fragrance Shop did some experiential marketing to put this to the test.

In a snappy video littered with emojis, memes, a member of the team asked unsuspecting shoppers what they thought was the nation’s favourite smell. After guessing scents such as coffee, roses, strawberry, and lavender, they were informed that it was, in fact, bread.

Not to be left empty handed, the ‘participants’ were handed a perfume-bottle shaped piece of – you guessed it – freshly baked bread. So, what was the motive behind this? It was all to promote getting 20% off all year round, free delivery and exclusive perks by becoming a ‘My TFS’ member. If anyone from The Fragrance Shop is reading this, send some of that free bread and I might consider it!

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