We bring you a round-up of the biggest and best Creative, Digital, and OOH marketing and advertising campaigns each month in 2023.

In a month that marks the official start of summer and dedicates a day in honouring Fathers across the globe, we set out to collate 8 of the most impactful Creative, Digital, and OOH advertising campaigns released in June 2023.

From stealing Prince Harry’s limelight with a DASH of sparkling water to illustrating Wimbledon’s iconic rivalries of the past and stars of the future, to commending ‘The Giving Type’ of people in this world – view our list of best campaigns this month below.

April - Campaigns #25 - 32

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Campaign #25 – The Rail Delivery Group: Nothing Beats Being There

Brand: The Rail Delivery Group

Category: Rail Transport

Agency: Accomplice

Medium: TV, OOH

In collaboration with National Rail and the Great British Railways Transition Team, The Rail Delivery Group launched a nationwide integrated campaign, rallying customers to get up and travel this spring.

Developed in partnership with creative agency Accomplice, ‘Nothing Beats Being There’ aims to encourage audiences to catch a train and experience memorable destinations post-covid restrictions. Spearheaded by a 30-second spot, the campaign ran across TV, video-on-demand, out-of-home and mobile gaming.

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Campaign #26 – Uber Eats: Iftar Incoming

Brand: Uber Eats

Category: Delivery

Agency: Mother

Medium: OOH

Uber Eats in partnership with agency Mother London, helped recognise customers who are observing the holy month of Ramadan with the launch of their new campaign – Iftar Incoming.

The dynamic creative combined striking visuals of popular Iftar dishes with the exact timing of sunset to mark the end of the day’s fast in accordance with the date and location.

On the campaign, Can Akar, Head of EMEA Marketing at Uber said, "our new Ramadan campaign creative not only celebrates the amazing dishes that are at the heart of Iftar dinners but also reminds our Muslim customers with date and city-specific Iftar times so they can schedule their deliveries for enjoying delicious Iftar meals".

Uber Eats: Iftar Incoming

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Campaign #27 – Tesco: Alia’s ‘Worth the Wait’ Samosas’

Brand: Tesco

Category: Supermarket Chain

Agency: BBH

Medium: TV, VoD

For the run up to Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations this year, Tesco in collaboration with BBH released the latest continuation of their ‘Food Love Stories’ platform – Alia’s ‘Worth the Wait’ Samosas’.

The 40-second spot intended to reflect the experiences of Muslim families across the UK during this time, tells the story of a mother and son waiting for the declaration of Eid.

Developed in partnership with strategic equity, diversity & inclusion consultancy The Unmistakables, the ad features both English and Urdu dialogue along with prominent South Asian food for a truly authentic campaign.

Campaign #28 – Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation: Extraordinary Ordinary

Brand: Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation

Category: Charity

Agency: WPP + Hogarth

Medium: TV, OOH

In the run-up to Stephen Lawrence Day, an occasion that marks the 30th anniversary of his tragic murder, The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation partnered with WPP to launch a new £1m pro-bono media campaign – ‘Extraordinary Ordinary’.

The campaign centred around a heartfelt poem, written by BWC and read by Baroness Lawrence (Stephens’s mother) to honour the teenager’s legacy, is supported by a 30-second TV spot that encourages the potential of young black Britons to excel and create a legacy of their own.

The £1m media spend also consisted of a nationwide out-of-home activity, showcasing unique illustrations of Stephen.

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Campaign #29 – Barbie: First Doll with Down's Syndrome

Brand: Mattel, Inc – Barbie + National Down Syndrome Society

Category: Toys

Medium: TV

To further increase representation in the Toy Aisle, Barbie in partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society designed its first-ever doll with Down's Syndrome.

The new toy is part of the Barbie Fashionistas line, which has produced dolls with prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, vitiligo, and other conditions in an effort to be more inclusive for children around the world.

Introduced to the world by disability campaigner and model Ellie Goldstein, who was overwhelmed by the idea, “it meant a lot to me and I’m so honoured and proud that Barbie chose me to show the doll to the world. Diversity is important to me as people need to see more people like me out there in the world and not be hidden away.”

Campaign #30 – Fluus: About Flushing Time

Brand: Fluus

Category: Health and Beauty

Agency: Mother + Alfred London

Medium: OOH

Fluus launched their first-ever marketing campaign – and for women around the world its #AboutFlushingTime.

Produced in collaboration with Mother Design and Alfred London, the campaign celebrates the world’s first fully flushable period pad brand, highlighting their mission to prevent blockages in pipes, microplastics in waterways, and permanent waste caused by period products.

The campaign featured 170 out-of-home ads plastered around central London and hones in on the ‘engineered simplicity’ of the product with a minimalistic design.

Fluus: About Flushing Time

Campaign #31 – Giffgaff: Ode To Bad - We’re Up To Good

Brand: Giffgaff

Category: Telecommunications

Agency: Neverland

Medium: TV, OOH

Mobile Network Giffgaff in collaboration with Neverland says ‘Ode To Bad’ brands and highlights they’re ‘up to good’ with a new integrated campaign, fronted by a 60-second hero spot.

The campaign aims to reflect Giffgaff’s new brand positioning and vision of using connectivity for good. The playful creative borne out of widespread consumer demand for businesses ‘to be better’ and ‘lead positive change’ also ran across cinema, video-on-demand, and out-of-home.

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Campaign #32 – Aldi: #Cuthparty

Brand: Aldi

Category: Supermarket chain

Agency: McCann Manchester

Medium: Social Media, TV

Aldi takes aim at old rival Marks & Spencer with the sucker-punch Coronation ad.

The campaign created by McCann Manchester features a group of friends gathered at caterpillar-themed coronation party enjoying delicious M&S and Aldi cakes, yet jubilance soon comes to an end when old foes Colin and Cuthbert cross paths and a fight breaks loose

Proved to be another viral hit from Aldi, with #Cuthparty on TikTok earning over 3m views, the 30-second spot aims to showcase the considerable price difference between M&S and Aldi ‘caterpillar’ cakes (£8.50 to £4.99) as the ad ends with the tongue-in-cheek line – ‘Aldi. Like M&S. Only cheaper*

*On cakes that look like caterpillars.’


Campaign #33 – Trailfinders: Everywhere

Brand: Trailfinders

Category: Travel Company

Agency: Hotwolf

Medium: TV, VoD

Award-winning travel service Trailfinders partnered with GO! Network members and creative agency Hotwolf as they looked to refresh their TV creative and re-engage audiences with the launch of a new inspiring campaign – Everywhere.

Centred around family and travel – and the memories forged when they come together – the campaign also speaks to the breadth of Trailfinders’ global proposition, inspiring audiences to book their dream holiday, and make new memories of their own.

The ad spot (for TV, VOD, online and cinema) harnesses the power of music to enhance the creative and make something truly memorable, something that stays with you everywhere you go!

Campaign #34 – The Estate of Us – Ireland’s First Brutally Honest Estate Agents

Brand: The Estate of Us

Category: Not-for-profit

Agency: N/A

Medium: Website, Signage, Social

The Estate of Us, a new campaign delivered by an independent collective of Dublin-based agency creatives, helped call out the cruel system that’s locking young people out of the housing market with ‘brutally honest’ for-sale signs.

The controversial campaign consisted of a brand design, website build and signage creation highlighting the reality of Ireland’s housing crisis with slogans such as, ‘100K over asking’ and ‘you f*****g wish’, posted across Dublin city as well as socials in a bid to encourage people to take action.

The Estate of Us – Ireland’s First Brutally Honest Estate Agents

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Campaign #35 – IDS: ERP Migration – The Devil is in the Detail

Brand: IDS (Intelligent Delivery Solutions)

Category: Software & Technology

Agency: BH&P

Medium: Digital, Social Media, Online

Data quality software challenger, IDS, partnered with GO! Network members BH&P to support their go-to-market strategy with an amplification campaign following a recent re-brand launch.

To raise awareness of the little issues in data quality that creep into migrations, and ramp up costs, the world was introduced to ‘The Devil in the Detail’ in a short animation.  

With awareness, engagement, and lead generation campaign phases – including an e-guide on how to get rid of the devil – the campaign delivered unprecedented levels of lead generation and pipeline value for IDS.

“We never got excited about working with agencies. But with BH&P, it was different. You just get involved. You roll your sleeves up. You listen to us. There are people commenting – who aren’t even in the industry – who’ve seen our branding, they’ve seen our website, and they’re all really complementary.” – James Briers, CTO & Co-Founder, IDS

Campaign #36 – ClearScore: It’s Time to be Clear

Brand: ClearScore

Category: Financial Technology

Agency: Atomic London + Medialab

Medium: TV

Credit reference specialist ClearScore aimed to show how their app can help Brits navigate the cost-of-living crisis with a new integrated brand campaign – ‘It’s Time to be Clear.’

Created by Atomic London with media agency Medialab, the 40-second TV spot is designed to engage audiences in a meaningful way by dramatizing the emotional benefit for consumers who manage their credit score, through the relatable exchange between father and son.

The brand campaign is also accompanied by DRTV, radio, social and digital.

Campaign #37 – Thatchers Cider: Pint-Sized Perfection

Brand: Thatchers Cider

Category: Alcoholic Beverage

Agency: Aardman

Medium: TV

Thatchers Cider enlists Aardman for innovative stop-motion ad to capitalise on the key summer selling period.

The 40-second animation, which took over 480 hours to shoot by the studio responsible of national classics such as Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run, showcases Thatcher’s intricate production process – detailing how the cider maker produces ‘pint-sized perfection.’

Running through to August, the spot will be supported by an omnichannel campaign pushed out across broadcaster video-on-demand, cinema, social media, and out-of-home.

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Campaign #38 – Stroke Association: When the Words Away Went

Brand: Stroke Association

Category: Charity

Agency: The Kite Factory

Medium: TV

The Stroke Association partnered with independent media agency The Kite Factory for an integrated campaign promoting their upcoming documentary ‘When the Words Away Went’, shown across Channel 4.

Featuring four 30-second and 60-second spots, the ad forms part of the charity’s nationwide aphasia awareness campaign that spans PR, social and digital media.

The 50-minute documentary closely follows the recovery journey of three stroke survivors living with aphasia – a communication disorder that results from damage to portions of the brain, causing speech difficulty or understanding others’ speaking.

Campaign #39 – Peloton Inc: for anyone, anywhere

Brand: Peloton Inc

Category: Exercise equipment

Agency: Stink Studios + Mother Design + Uncommon London

Medium: TV, Brand Reposition

Peloton Inc collaborates with long-time partner Stink Studios on a repositioning ad campaign, ‘for anyone, anywhere’, which focuses on the brands revamped and inclusive offering.

The integrated campaign signals the beginning of a dramatic shift in the brand’s strategy and messaging – ‘Peloton. Anyone. Anywhere.’ – driven by agency partners Mother Design and Uncommon Creative Studio.

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Campaign #40 – Tommy’s: Let’s Bring Them Home

Brand: Tommy’s

Category: Charity

Agency: VMLY&R UK

Medium: OOH

Pregnancy and baby loss charity Tommy’s launched a compassionate out-of-home campaign ahead of the Women’s FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Developed by creative agency VMLY&R UK, the bold artwork spotted around Wembley stadium uses the iconic trophy shape and the memorable ‘it’s coming home’ phrase to highlight the significance of being able to bring babies home safely.

On the campaign, Tommy’s marketing and communications manager Becki Sendell said, “‘They’re coming home’. Sadly, not every new parent gets to say these words as currently, one in four pregnancies in the UK end in loss.”

Tommy’s: Let’s Bring Them Home


Campaign #41 – Dash Water: Harry Doesn’t Want the Limelight but we do

Brand: DASH Water

Category: Beverages

Agency: Goon Squad Productions

Medium: OOH, Print, TV

Sparkling water brand DASH stole the limelight on Prince Harry’s hotly anticipated phone-hacking trial at the High Court to introduce its zestiest flavour yet.

The brand paraded the streets, handing out their new product to unsuspecting news crews with a poster that read ‘Harry Doesn’t Want The Limelight But We Do’.

The reactive marketing stunt blew up on social media with over 1.8 million views on their TikTok channel as well as live coverage on BBC News and Sky News.

Campaign #42 – Wimbledon: Always Like Never Before

Brand: Wimbledon

Category: Sports

Agency: McCann London

Medium: TV, OOH, Digital

Wimbledon serves homage to iconic championship moments ahead of the 2023 tournament with the launch of a new integrated campaign.

Spearheaded by a 60-second spot, ‘Always Like Never Before’ aims to drive public anticipation for this year’s showpiece event through a series of unforgettable moments and incredible rivalries of the past.

Developed by creative agency McCann London, the trailer uses a mixture of archive footage, 2D posters, 3D animation, CGI and photography to immortalise legendary match-ups that have taken place on the grounds of the All England Club, juxtaposing them with rising stars such as Coco Gauff, Nick Kyrgios, and Alfie Hewett.

Running across TV, OOH, Digital and social media, the trailer also features an electrifying soundtrack by hip-hop producer, composer and DJ, Hudson Mohawke.

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Campaign #43 – Makro: Life Extending Stickers

Brand: Makro Colombia

Category: Supermarket Chain

Agency: Grey Group – Colombia

Medium: OOH, Print

To carry out their purpose of promoting sustainability and more responsible consumption, worldwide supermarket chain Marko has teamed up Grey Colombia for the launch of ‘Life Extending Stickers’.

This simple initiative seeks to extend the lifespan of fruits and vegetables by providing consumers with recipe suggestions based on the level or colour of ripeness.

The 1 sq. inch sticker also aims to address the global and local issue of food waste – where according to Colombia's National Planning Department (DNP), approximately 6.1 million tons of food are wasted annually in Colombia, while globally the figure reaches 1.3 billion.

Makro: Life Extending Stickers

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Campaign #44 – Gymshark: Celebrity Prank

Brand: Gymshark

Category: Sports Apparel and Equipment

Medium: Social Media

To create noise around this year’s summer sale, Gymshark pranked their customers by planting celebrity lookalikes in their Regent Street store.

Not only did this rapidly increase footfall with passersby wanting to catch a glimpse, but the sports apparel brand also uploaded the chaotic footage across their social channels creating a huge buzz online.

Campaign #45 – EO Charging: Breaking up with Big Oil

Brand: EO Charging

Category: Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

Agency: Impero

Medium: OOH

EO Charging introduces its latest home vehicle charger with OOH campaign challenging the world’s largest publicly owned oil and gas companies.

Designed by creative agency Impero, ‘Breaking up with Big Oil’ aims to encourage the use of renewable energy, whilst announcing their new product – Mini Pro 3.

Situated at the Old Street Roundabout location in London, the billboard features a mock text message letting Big Oil know the ‘relationship is over’, juxtaposing another message to remind consumers that EO Charging is ‘power you can trust’, unlike Big Oil.

EO Charging: Breaking up with Big Oil

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Campaign #46 – NHS Blood and Transplant: The Giving Type

Brand: NHS Blood and Transplant

Category: Health Care

Agency: Havas London

Medium: TV, VoD, Radio

NHS Blood and Transplant launched a new creative platform to coincide with National Blood Week in a rallying cry for life-saving donors.

In collaboration with Creative agency Havas London, the campaign aimed to drive greater numbers of donors from the black community – who are desperately needed to help provide blood for patients suffering from sickle cell disease.

Spearheaded by a 30-second ad, featuring British actor and comedian Michael Daapah who interacts with a wide range of people on a busy high street to highlight how anyone can be the ‘the giving type’.

Campaign #47 – TfL: Public Transport Safety

Brand: Transport for London (TfL)

Category: Public Transport

Agency: VCCP

Medium: OOH, Digital OOH

Transport for London (TfL) in partnership with creative agency VCCP introduced a refresh of its ‘Public Transport Safety’ messaging as part of its commitment to maintaining customer safety.

The creative, designed in collaboration with illustrator Andrew Hudson, makes use of bright colours and bold typography to raise awareness around the potential risks of even the most mundane of actions on the network.

On the refresh, TfL Head of Customer Marketing and Behaviour Change, Miranda Leedham says, “We are evolving the campaign to ensure it continues to cut through customers’ mindsets whilst optimising our messages and placement across the network.”

TfL: Public Transport Safety

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Campaign #48 – Ribena: Ribena Berries 2023

Brand: Ribena

Category: Soft Drink

Agency: BBH London

Medium: TV, VoD

First launched in 2014 by London agency M&C Saatchi, soft drink brand Ribena brought back its iconic ‘Summertime’ ad in celebration of their 85th anniversary.

Running across TV and Video-on-Demand, the spot has been adapted by BBH for modern TV formats, with the inclusion of an updated end frame and shortened 20-second edit.

On the playful CGI creative, Ribena Head of Brand, Sarah Fleetwood says, “Our classic ad brings to life the very core of what consumers know and value about the brand – amazing taste, nostalgia and being the home of the original and much-loved British blackcurrant.”

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