In this virtual workshop for marketing leaders, our social, SEO, and content experts share how to supercharge your brand awareness and engagement by making the most of what you’ve already got.

Combine Organic Search being voted as the marketing channel that holds the highest ROI, with the introduction of several new social platforms that carry an extensive following – the opportunities for organic growth in 2023 are clear, but how do you get the most out of your strategy?

In our latest workshop, ‘Investing in Organic – Maximising your Channels in 2023’, our experts discussed the common misconceptions – and challenges – around SEO, organic social, and content marketing, how to frame these channels within a wider marketing strategy, along with practical advice for building an effective, return-generating strategy across your channels.

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In this Article:

  • Why does organic growth matter right now?
  • Common challenges with organic marketing – and how to overcome them
  • Overlooked opportunities with organic strategies
  • Final Considerations – where and when to seek external support


Why does organic growth matter right now?

With several statistics highlighting the importance of prioritising organic activity to avoid falling behind competitors, such as over 65% of all clicks on SERPs go to the first five un-paid results.

Ines emphasises, audiences are attracted to authenticity, to whatever is real and doesn't disrupt their journey or social experience.

This has fuelled the rapid growth of platforms such as BeReal or Threads – these are purely organic spaces that have boomed in popularity as audiences have a thirst for it.

So, for businesses that focus on organic growth, there will be long-lasting success, because you can be sure those attracted by organic content are genuinely interested.”


Common challenges with organic marketing – and how to overcome them

Adapting your Brand Voice for Authenticity

Lizi says, “when brands are starting to get involved in newer platforms like TikTok, they must adapt their brand tone of voice, so it feels native in the platform.

It’s a very different space and it does require that more bespoke content to make it feel authentic.

Ten years ago, it was about being disruptive on social because you were interrupting a newsfeed but now there's just so much content that you really need to blend in to feel authentic.”

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Producing Authoritative Content

Annaleis highlights, “Google is pushing towards the production and visibility of authoritative and relevant content on your site.

So, from that point of view, you must make sure that you're producing content that is relevant and catered to your audience – which is where that authorship aspect comes into play.

We're seeing a shift between AI generated content and having an author associated to that piece to signal a sense of trust to users when they visit a site or reading an article.”

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Dealing with the Pace of content

Ines says, “In relation to the challenge of pace, in-house social teams often consist of content producers or video content producers to ensure that they have a dynamic approach.

But this could also be a one-man band, as there's lots of tools out there that they can utilise for support. For example, as an agency, we have invested heavily in building a video production function for social content.

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Overlooked opportunities with organic strategies

Carry out a Website Crawl for Quick, Tangible Results

Alex says, “there are avenues you can explore, that can deliver something quick as a tangible result.

We always look at Tech first, so for example if there are certain pages that are blocked or not appearing on your site – this is something that can be resolved very quickly and will improve the overall user experience.

You can also look at Site Speed and other quick changes to make your site a little bit more user friendly, which can benefit other channels.”

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Explore new Channels

Lizi says, “new platforms like Threads presents a real opportunity to curate a large audience that are genuinely invested, as they've taken the time to download the app, and they've already got a following on Instagram.

There’s also an opportunity to start conversations, bring through your brand tone of voice and start to build those connections that people start to remember.

Ines Casas, Social Director of eight&four on the importance of organic growth.

Utilise Key Data Sources

Alex says, “go into analytics or Search Console and record your month-on-month or year-on-year performance – look at things like sessions, percentage of sessions then go further and look at your assisted conversions to see where organic fits in the overall buying cycle.”

Align your organic activity with your wider marketing strategy

Annaleis highlights, “people are lazy, they will click on the first thing they see on SERPs so if your organic listing is already on top in session one or two, but they’re just clicking on your paid ad, that’s kind of a missed opportunity.

In this instance you want to identify those opportunities where you can turn off paid, and organic will be able to recover.

Also, whilst an end conversion might not directly be from organic, you can track back to identify where organic can generate awareness for your OOH activity, for example.”

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Final Considerations – where and when to seek external support

Ines says, “for in-house teams, a lot of time is spent on content calendars, the management of channels and community management, which leaves no space to think about what the right approach is.

External support can help on strategy frameworks for channel content, influencer activation or community engagement – as we have the resources and tools, such as Meltwater, Social Listening, Rival IQ or GWI to validate the correct approach.”

Lizi adds, “in terms of what in-house teams can do themselves is look at those tools and sign up to their newsletters or tune into webinars and knowledge shares to gain a better understanding.”

Annaleis highlights, “you can almost use an agency or consultant as the ‘bad guy’ to gain vertical expertise or reinsurance on your approach.

Going forward it’s a case of analysing the implementations you've made in the last six months, to see what hasn’t performed so well as you don’t want to waste your time and effort if it's not going anywhere.”

Alex adds, “having those open, relaxed conversations with an agency can make the biggest difference, in terms of how to communicate your product and USP in a meaningful way – the rest of it is process and how you begin measuring the activity.”

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