In this strategy workshop for in-house marketing and brand leaders, our creative and advertising experts shared the many often overlooked opportunities to invest in the creativity that drives stronger results for your brand.

Creative campaigns can help brands cut through the noise and connect with their intended audience on an emotional level, leading to an increase in awareness and brand loyalty - but when is the right time to inject creativity back into your brand?

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the self-imposed limits on when and where to invest in creative outputs across different elements of your brand strategy, along with practical guidance for putting creativity front and centre of your marketing activation.

On the agenda:

  • What makes a creative campaign ‘creative’? – Framing where creativity and ‘creative’ sits within a typical brand strategy, and why
  • The challenge – Why so many teams struggle to invest in creativity as part of their wider multichannel strategy, and the issues this can cause
  • Investing in creative – The overlooked opportunities to leverage creativity and guidance for reinvigorating your brand strategy with a focus on creative activation
  • Putting creativity into practise – Practical advice for getting more from your creative, getting internal buy-in, demonstrating success, and next steps

Our speakers: