For fast-growth teams, maximising efficiency whilst maintaining your output can often feel overwhelming. This week, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best marketing and sales software solutions for businesses scaling at speed.

Choosing your tools


With more solutions available for marketing teams than ever, the choice can often feel overwhelming. When it comes to deciding on where and when to invest in new software, Rob Mead, Head of Marketing at Gnatta suggests to start with the requirements – not the options.


‘Set a list of requirements; then undertake desktop research for what best matches them. You don't want systems you have to work around, they need to work with your existing infrastructure and processes’.


Software & tooling – our recommendations


We’ve rounded up some of our recommendations for fast-growth SMEs and startups below. If you’re working on improving your digital systems, or want to learn more about the recommendations below, get in touch.


Marketing Software


Email Automation – Mailchimp

In recent years, Mailchimp has evolved to include more than just email marketing. With automated ‘journeys’, audience segmentation and options to expand your campaigns into advertising on multiple platforms, Mailchimp comes highly recommended for SMEs or startups.

Perfect for: Smaller in-house marketing teams growing quickly

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B2B Website personalisation – Webeo

For businesses driving more traffic to their website, Webeo is a tool designed to maximise conversions through intelligent personalisation. As a no-code solution that can overlay your existing site, the tool is intuitively designed and makes sure you’re making the most of every website visitor.


A closer look: Webeo


What are some of the key areas of efficiency businesses are typically trying to drive when you're speaking to them?

Dawn Upton, Head of Customer Marketing, Webeo: “Webeo helps businesses generate more leads from their website; our customers increase their conversion rate by providing tailored, relevant content. Ultimately it's the right content, at the right time, to the right person.”

“In addition, many of Webeo's clients work with a wide range of industries and want to present the most relevant content to a business when they visit their website, depicting their expertise in that sector.”


How could your software support business growth?

"Our customers see an increase in conversion rate when comparing personalised and non-personalised experiences.

They also achieve improvements across key website metrics, such as increased average number of page visits, increased time onsite and a reduction in bounce rate."


How long does it typically take for your software to start taking effect and for clients to see the results?


“Our B2B website personalisation tool takes effect as soon as our clients push their personalisation’s live.”

“From day one as a client, our Customer Success Managers work with them to identify personalisation opportunities, build campaigns and create personalised experiences for their website visitors. Our reporting suite shows the results in real-time, which clients have access to within their portal.”


Perfect for: Large SMEs driving larger volumes of traffic to their site looking to maximise their conversion rates

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Content management – Monday

Monday is your one-stop-shop for managing your content strategy – and it’s something we use at GO! for our own editorial planning.

Free to start and currently building in additional support like the new Monday CRM, the system is ideal for ensuring you keep on top of your marketing strategy.

Perfect for: In-house marketing teams managing multiple channels for their strategy

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Content management - Trello

Similar to Monday, Trello is an organisational tool that many companies and individuals use to keep on top of their tasks and workload. Although other views are available, Trello is known for its Kanban-style ‘cards’ function.

It’s free to start a Trello board, with pricing plans giving you access to premium functions. 

Perfect for: Small teams who won’t get lost in a spiderweb of different tasks and checklist.

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Creative asset building – Canva

Canva is an online graphic design platform and a great alternative to Photoshop. It is great for SME businesses who manage their content creation in-house, and can help with social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.

It is particularly useful for capacity management, as it includes easily customisable templates. Like most of the online tools, the basic version of Canva is free to use, with paid ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ versions available to access premium tools and content.

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Sales Software


Inbound automation - Gnatta

Gnatta is an automated solution for customer-facing SMEs that centralises your pre and post-sales enquiries. With a starter package being completely free to use, Gnatta is suitable for SMEs at every stage.

A closer look: Gnatta

What are some of the key areas of efficiency businesses are typically trying to drive when you're speaking to them?

Rob Mead, Head of Marketing, Gnatta: “Better cost per contact - better first time resolution - better average contacts per hour - more contacts handled without a human agent involved.”


How could your software support business growth?

Gnatta centralises all customer communication for pre/post sales enquiries making agents more efficient and more effective.

Efficiency makes your bottom line better and effectiveness means your customers have a much better experience encouraging repeat business and a higher customer lifetime value.


How long does it typically take for your software to start taking effect and for clients to see the results?


“Same day, we can get the client answering queries with full real time data within 10 minutes of signing up.”


Perfect for: Sales/Marketing/CRM teams managing and optimising their inbound sales process

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Call tracking and analytics – Call360

You might be tracking and reporting on your digital performance – but what happens after the enquiry? Call360 is an integrated solution for offline-to-online attribution tracking designed to help better understand and optimise your marketing-sales process.

Perfect for: Larger SMEs looking to understand and optimise their conversion across different channels 

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CRM management – Insightly

Insightly's CRM is great for start-ups & SMEs who are looking for project management tools in their CRM. Alongside events and calendar syncing, our CRM of choice at GO! also comes with powerful workflow management features that can help you to streamline your operations and save time.

Perfect for: Fast-growing sales teams

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Building your digital suite to grow with your strategy


Implementing a set of tools that grow with your requirements as a fast-growth business is more complex now than ever.

Dawn Upton, Head of Customer Marketing at Webeo says, ‘Accelerating digital transformation is a big challenge CMO's are discussing right now. We know that the B2B buying cycle is more complex and involves more decision makers than B2C and B2B buyers often don't reach out to vendor's until they are ready to buy.’

‘Typical challenges businesses or individuals face when wanting to implement new software is it feels like a huge project, that lots of stakeholders will need to be involved in and it will take a lot of resource to deliver.’

The solution? Take it step by step.

‘We always advise when starting out with new software, including our own, to approach the activity in bite size pieces. Changes don't have to be big to make an impact and often once you get underway, by following best practice you can achieve great results.'


GO! connect teams to solution providers that fit their needs - get in touch to learn more.

If you’re interested in any of the solutions above but aren’t sure where to start, join us for our upcoming workshop, ‘Building a digital suite that grows with your business’.

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