One of the most challenging parts of running a fast-growing business is how quickly you can outgrow your tooling. In this session, our experts will share how to ensure your digital suite is working for your future as well as your present.


From CRMs to marketing software to reporting and analytics, the move from ‘starter’ to‘enterprise’ packages can lead to rapid changes in your systems and the requirement to continuously adapt processes as you scale.


In this session for business owners and senior leaders, our experts will give guidance on how to ensure your software is working for your future as well as your present. We’ll cover:

  • Planning your digital suite to future-proof your requirements

  • Managing new processes within your team to ensure diligence, shared knowledge and avoid key person’s risk

  • Assessing existing platforms – when to make the jump

Our Experts

This session will be led by branding and awareness experts within our network:

Josh Bolland, Founder and CEO, J B Cole UK

Claire Williams, Managing Partner, The SME Partners

Ben Franklin, Technical Director, Quba

Adam Rodney, Founder and CEO, Calls9


This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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