BODA SKINS are on a quest to create the best products in the world. Our neighbours in Manchester BODA SKINS handcraft their leather jackets in artisan mills, they redesign the established and do it better.

BODA SKINS create jackets that fit like a second skin, make you feel like a Rockstar, simply legendary individuals who want value, integrity, and quality without compromise.

Alicia had a rare opportunity to have a video call with Jack Dyson, Global Brand Manager at BODA SKINS. Alicia and Jack touched upon important insights into the company’s values, attitude and mapping out 2021.

AW- Jack great to ‘virtually’ meet you. To kick us off please can you talk me through your responsibilities at BODA SKINS?

JD- My main focus, currently, is aligning our 12-month brand strategy for 2021. My main objectives are to continue to grow our digital media channels, more specifically our paid social and paid search offering strategy, along with further developing our content strategy in the US, Europe and China. Although 2020 has seen the e-commence space become even more competitive, we’re a high-end, highly desirable brand and people want to be a part of our story. Yes, it’s becoming more expensive to drive traffic due to the current climate but we’re in a unique position that we’re still able to generate healthy organic attention through our aggressive influencer marketing strategy.

AW- Not just any old influencer either, I’ve seen David Gandy, Anthony Joshua, Ashanti  and Ed Sheeran wearing BODA! Which has been the collaboration or the person that was your pinch me moment?

JD- Funny you should mention David Gandy, we have been making a conscious effort to promote our collaborations more as a brand – we work with so many incredibly talented people each week you can sometimes take it for granted – we are extremely selective when it comes to who we work with and uniquely, we don’t pay to work with anyone. This is something we’re strong on, we want our relationships to be built around the love of the brand and products we create, not financial gain.

My favourite has to be the Justin Timberlake world tour jackets we customised for him. That one really did put us on the map.

AW- Fantastic accolade! What are you guys currently concentrating on with regards your marketing activities?

JD- For BODA SKINS it’s all about globalisation and scale now, we are already hugely popular in the States, New York and Los Angeles specifically. We target specific territories we identify as strong growth areas and then develop strategies from there. Through influencer marketing, paid social/search and email marketing we always looking to achieve a full 360 approach.

AW- I understand that you work with a fantastic and talented team but when you look for a marketing agency or some third part support what is important?

JD- Any agency has to be agile, they have to be able to react with the brand, be proactive and match our get it done attitude. There has been a shift in the agency world to a more flexible approach which is important for us, if we have a campaign going live on a Sunday I need to know I have their support over the weekend.

AW- Finally, what is the BODA SKINS moment you are most proud of?

JD- For me it’s our pop up events, otherwise known as the WKNDRs. We have done them in over 40 cities all over the world now, crazy! Every event brings it’s own unique stories, clients and style. It’s a special feeling when you finally close the doors on the final day of a WKNDR, having engaged with 300-400 people over 3-5 days that all love and want to buy into the brand.

You get an opportunity to speak with and meet, at the end of the sales figures and data, the people that make us who we are. It makes me incredibly proud to represent the brand.

AW- Thank you very much to Jack for taking the time to talk to me, I am off to flex the credit card immediately.