In this workshop for marketing team leaders, our SEO experts will answer your questions and take you through how and when to invest in an SEO strategy that generates return for your business.

About the workshop

SEO strategy is easy to start, but hard to maintain – and even harder to perfect. Beyond this, a 'successful' SEO strategy is rarely one-size-fits-all. Despite the majority of marketing leaders recognising the real impact of SEO when done right, the day-to-day requirements of marketing output and channel strategy can mean SEO work is left ‘half-finished’.

In this session for marketing team leaders and management, experts from our agency network will answer your questions around SEO investment and resource, present common themes and challenges to SEO investment, and how to make the most of your resource & budget.

Key points on the agenda:

  • Finding your fit- how SEO builds into your own marketing channels and finding new opportunities

  • Framing your resource and expectations for SEO performance – in-house vs. outsourced support

  • Investing in SEO – how and when to make the jump with scaled investment

Our experts

This session will be led by SEO and brand investment specialists within our network:

Andy Headington, CEO, Adido

Martin Calvert, Marketing Director, ICS-digital

Edd Wilson, Head of SEO Strategy, Impression

Polly Chapman, Brand Communications Lead, Flaunt Digital

Simon Douglass, Founder, Curated

Moderated by Charlotte Boerescu-Kelly, Head of Marketing, GO!

Joining this session

This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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