Case Study

Swan x KOMI Digital


The Challenge

Swan Products is a British owned company that boasts that all of the product ideation and design is retained in the UK. Swan Retro is an award-winning range within Swap Products of large and small appliances, as well as beautiful new kitchen accessories and cookware that benefit from a stylish vintage charm, which is perfect for both modern and traditional style kitchens. Swan turned to GO! with some specific business challenges around how they position Swan Retro in the market through a defined voice in order to compete within the modernised marketplace and to keep their traditional brand moving forwards.

Through the initial exploratory meeting between Swan Products and GO! it became clear that the challenge to modernise would be tackled by looking at a fresh approach to social media and content. GO! worked with Swan to review the social strategy and channels and wrote a brief with this challenge at the heart of it. GO! then worked with the internal Client Services Team to identify the agencies within the GO! Network that were approaching social media in a way to meet the ambitions of Swan Products.

The Outcome

The GO! process was 4 weeks from initial briefing to successful appointment. KOMI were successful in the pitch process, showcasing their finger on the pulse approach to content and social deployment.  KOMI now work alongside Swan to drive their brand in the lifestyle space through Tik Tok and YouTube whilst also deploying a B2B strategy through LinkedIn.



case studies.

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