In an era of ‘cynical’ audiences, how do you tell a brand story that resonates? In this workshop for marketing leaders, our experts shared how to build an authentic brand strategy that connects with your audience, but also stays true to your values.

With 71% of customers recommending a brand based on their emotional connection to it - how do you begin adopting a more 'emotive' approach to your marketing activity?

In this virtual session, our experts discussed the ever-more competitive nature of brand-audience relationships, the challenges of taking a more ‘emotiveapproach to your creative/brand strategy, along with the practical opportunities for in-house leaders to drive behavioural marketing in 2024.

On the agenda:

👤 How to assess your brand’s resonance and engagement with audiences.

✍️ Application of behavioural science within your wider creative strategy - with real-life examples.

🧠 Key considerations before investing in emotional or behavioural marketing.

❌ Common mistakes when getting started with a behavioural science approach to marketing.

🫶 Nurturing your audience through direct engagement, branding, and creative activation.

🎯 How to measure the impact of your refreshed strategy.

Our speakers:

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