Is your brand hierarchy helping or hurting your strategy? In this session, our experts share the principles of brand architecture to help you build a coherent platform in 2023.

With saturated markets and constantly shifting audience expectations, a cohesive, clear brand identity is more important now than ever.

In this virtual workshop for in-house marketing leaders, our experts discuss the core principles of a strong brand hierarchy, how to deliver a branding project - including common mistakes to avoid, and guidance for enhancing your brand over time.

On the agenda:

  • Framing your brand – The main reasons your brand architecture can shift or dilute, and how to assess your brand's strength objectively in 2023
  • Brand architecture 101 – Best practise guidance for your brand architecture, hierarchy, and what to consider ahead of any new brand project
  • The delivery – Advice for managing a brand consolidation project, both internally and externally for your audiences
  • Building your brand – Key processes for maintaining the integrity of your brand, and where to start with external investment

Our speakers:

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