In this workshop for senior marketing leaders, our experts shared how to assess your existing UX, the key aspects of UX impacting your digital marketing performance, and how to implement a sustainable strategy that supercharges your brand.

UX design is about more than just an attractive website or app. From higher conversions to increased customer loyalty, UX can make or break your digital marketing strategy.

In this virtual session for in-house marketing and digital leaders, our experts discussed everything from making the case to stakeholders when investing in UX to evaluating the impact of your existing UX and best practise advice for your online business performance.

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During this 1-hour workshop playback, you'll learn:

✅ The ROI of UX for digital marketing - from awareness to customer loyalty.

🖥️ How to evaluate the impact of your website or app UX on digital performance.

🎯 Where to start with updating your UX to hit business objectives.

🤔 Key considerations before investing further in your UX strategy.

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