In this workshop for B2B marketing, branding, and communication strategists, our experts share how you can translate and leverage the proven strategies of B2C brand-building for your own business.

What can B2B marketing leaders learn from their B2C counterparts?

From use of social media, seamless buyer experiences, emotional marketing and storytelling campaigns – in this virtual session, our experts explore the typical differences between B2C and B2B strategies, the common blockers B2B teams face in their brand-building, and what to consider when translating B2C approaches to a B2B audience.

During this 1-hour workshop playback, you'll learn:

✅ The common differences between B2C and B2B approaches to brand-building.

📲 The most popular B2C strategies that we can leverage in B2B brands.

✍️ Key challenges and practical guidance for applying these strategies with your business.

🗣️ Q&A with our experts.

Our speakers:

  • Moderated by Jordan Brownlie, Brand Partnerships Manager at The GO! Network