How do you build cross-channel inbound marketing campaigns that make sense to your audience? In this expert-led virtual workshop, we walk through both the creative and digital building blocks of consistent, effective inbound campaigns.

In this session for marketing leaders looking to build a more sophisticated campaign strategy in 2023, we run through the ‘checklist’ of a great inbound campaign, to leave you with a game plan for upping the ante on your channel strategies.

On the agenda:

  • Why multi-channel touchpoints matter – How audience journeys have changed, and the compounding value of campaigns that reach across these
  • Common challenges – Why effective multi-channel campaigns are so hard to execute, and the core issues that block a strong execution
  • The checklist – The building blocks of a strong cross-channel inbound campaign
  • Continuous improvement – Maintaining a consistent campaign, improving performance, and next steps

The speakers:

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