You’ve survived the GA4 migration – now what? In this session for in-house marketing leaders, we’ll share what you need to know to not only ‘keep up’ with digital analytics and platforms, but to actually maximise them for your team.

From GA4 to the sunsetting of Google Optimize, how do you actually get the most out of these changes?

In this virtual session for marketing leaders, our experts discuss the latest changes to Google's analytical platforms, including how to maximise their usage to support wider business growth, along with the options - and benefits of - investing further in areas such as personalisation and performance.

On the agenda:

  • Getting up to speed – The recent changes to Google’s marketing platforms, and what they mean in real terms
  • Filling the gaps – The largest gaps left behind by these changes, and the options for keeping ahead of the curve
  • Q&A – Audience Qs and practical advice from our experts
  • Next steps – Key considerations for improving your online performance, with or without external support

Our speakers:

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