Your social media activity seems to be engaging with the right audience – but is it delivering tangible results? In this playback from our recent strategy workshop, our experts share how to drive stronger conversions with your strategy.

In this workshop, our experts cover the state of play for social media as a marketing channel in 2024, the differing platforms, opportunities, and challenges they present, along with best practise advice for activating your 'social selling' strategy - from UGC to paid partnerships.

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Tune into this playback to hear all about:

📲 The latest trends in how brands are using differing social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more for social selling

⚖️ Balancing community engagement with direct conversion-led tactics through your social channels

✅ The key considerations before investing in social activation, and where to start when measuring the impact of your social strategy

With thanks to our panel: