In this workshop for brand leaders looking to boost retention, attract great candidates, and build a more positive reputation for your business, our experts joined us to share how to bring the outside in with your brand identity.

Is your employer brand being overlooked in your wider brand strategy?

In this session for brand and marketing leaders, our expert panel join us to share why employer branding matters so much in the current market, how to bring your employer brand to life in harmony with your wider brand strategy, and practical advice for embedding and optimising a stronger employer brand.

During this 1-hour workshop playback, you'll learn:

✅ The tangible internal and external benefits of a strong employer brand.

👤 What you need for a properly embedded employer brand.

🫶 How - and when - to assess your business culture, EVP, and employer brand.

✏️ Practical advice for implementing your employer brand - including common challenges to overcome.

Our speakers: