In this session for marketing leaders looking to supercharge their strategy with ABM, our inbound and ABM specialists shared when, where, and how to properly invest in your Account-Based Marketing in a way that works for your business.

ABM strategies have the potential to uplift marketing revenue by more than 200%, yet according to a recent ITSMA benchmark study, only 17% of marketers have mature Account-Based Marketing strategies in place - so what's stopping them?

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the impact of - and common challenges to - Account-Based Marketing within different industries, along with practical advice for a strong ABM implementation.

On the agenda:

  • The rise of ABM - Defining where ABM ‘sits’ within a business, and examples of the approach for different industries
  • Defining your Approach - Framing your resource, teams, and potential opportunities for ABM to support your wider strategy
  • When - and How - to Invest in ABM - Practical guidance for your own ABM strategy
  • Next steps - Measuring performance, specialist support, and final considerations for your strategy

Our speakers: