Mutual Success: The Best of Brand-Agency Relationships

Learn how to improve performance between clients and agency partners through our use cases of the best brand-agency relationships, how to run a collaborative evaluation, and questions to ask in-house teams for successful relationships.

The GO! Network Team

In this paper, we're talking to some of our network members and their clients about how they've maintained a strong, trusting, effective relationship overtime.

From overcoming roadblocks (like entirely virtual pitch sessions) to celebrating shared success (of which there are many), this paper provides you with two things:

  • Tangible advice to make sure you are making the most of your agency partners, and steps to take to overcome any challenges
  • An understanding  of what it really takes to build a partnership on Mutual Success

P.S. We've included our Agency Evaluation Checklist at the end of this paper- it's a really helpful starting point for assessing any partner's performance.

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