From re-engaging existing customers to boosting client retention, this workshop covers the ins and outs of creative storytelling that builds stronger connections with your ideal audience - and the questions you need to ask to get started.

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the value of audience re-engagement vs. new audience reach, the most common forms this can take, and the opportunities to re-engage audiences with creative activation - focusing on the power of 'storytelling' for brands.

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On the agenda:

🗣 The differentiations between first audience engagements and re-engagement.

💪 How to identify your goals and opportunities in your re-engagement strategy - and the power of utilising creative storytelling.

Common mistakes when activating your own creative campaigns - and how to solve them.

✍️ Best-practise guidance on delivering a strong ‘story’ with your content.

📈 How to measure the value of your investment, and planning your output.

Our experts:

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