Against the Grain is our regular series interviewing game-changing brands and the marketing leaders behind them. Our new paper contains interview with brand leaders like giffgaff and Levi's on using communications as a force for good.

It takes nothing to join a crowd but it takes everything to stand alone, and the brands in the Against the Grain series are testaments to that.

I started this series to speak to the brands that don’t focus solely on immediate ROI metrics and customer acquisition. Whether it’s their incredible dedication to looking after their customers, or investing in and supporting the creative arts, even though it couldn’t be further from their products, they seek to go above and beyond with their community.

In this paper, we speak to the marketing leaders behind these incredible brands. They come from a wide range of industries, but their challenges and how they’ve addressed them are often similar.

Connecting brands with agencies that can help them build this kind of approach is the core of our business, but I never get bored of watching it work. What we see all the time is that so much of this success comes down to building authentic relationships. With your community, your customers, your agency partners – it’s so hard for a marketing strategy to succeed without them.

Thank you to Levis, giffgaff, Paddy Power, BODA Skins, Social Energy, Auto Trader and Sorted Group for contributing to this paper.

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