The GO! Network team look back on the year, reflecting on their biggest achievements, key learnings and goals for 2023.

As 2022 comes to an end with the excitement of the new year on the horizon, we're taking time to look back on the past twelve months - to celebrate our biggest personal achievements, reflect on our most valuable learnings and share our aspirations for 2023.

We asked the GO! team 3 questions:

  • What is one thing that you've learned this year?
  • What is your greatest achievement this year at GO!?
  • What are your hopes for 2023?

Russell Oakley on his hopes for 2023 at GO!
Russell Oakley on his hopes for 2023 at GO!

What is one thing that you’ve learned this year?

"This year, I’ve learned that what might work well one day, doesn’t always work as well the next. You must be flexible and able to adapt to change, analysing patterns of success rather than just one-hit-wonders." - Sam S

"Everything can be solved with patience." - Ibrahim

"I've been able to develop my skills in building ‘SEO-optimised’ content." - Faisal

"I have learned about the GO! business model, the briefing process, and how outreach works." - Sarah

"That hard work will pay off, even if you don’t see the results and developments at the time." - Chloe

"Don't rush anything, things will pay off over time." - Luke

"Something that is constantly front of mind is continuing to positively influence everything I can control each day. #everydaycounts is at the core of our culture for a reason and that has benefitted my development over the last year and will continue to do that going into 2023." - Darren

The GO! team

"That if you hire the right people and give them the freedom and responsibility to flourish, that remote/hybrid working has so many benefits." - Russell

"I've learned that creating a prioritised to-do list really helps with keeping on top of everything, especially when tasks are spread between many processes." - Max

"Things might go wrong – spend your energy finding solutions rather than worrying about the moment that it happens (because it might not!)" - Dom

"Things move quick! Everything from turn around times in the briefing process, to appointments, to agencies starting work with brands and billing. It can be stressful at times, but it’s also rewarding seeing the end results of your work so quickly." - Will

What is your greatest achievement this year at GO!?

"I am proud of the success of our ongoing article series 'Most Impactful Campaigns of the Month', – analysing campaigns that caught our eye, and 'Marketing 101' – exploring different challenge areas of marketing. It has been great to interact with the brains behind the campaigns, and experts within our Network to get their invaluable insights on different topics." - Sam S

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"After only being here a month, I was happy to be involved in bringing a new agency into our Network." - Ibrahim

"Optimising and creating weekly articles for our site – which have generated a great number of impressions and engagement rates." - Faisal

The GO! team

"I’m proud of starting this job in a new city during such a busy time for the Network and fitting in well with the rest of the GO! team." - Sarah

"Growing the team and bringing some new brilliant people on board, that contribute to our culture and business daily." - Chloe

"Supporting some of the most recognisable brands in the country to find their new lead agency." - Russell

"My first public speaking event – well and truly out of my comfort zone but well worth it." - Dom

"Although I’m well experienced in digital, moving to the intermediary space meant a step into new territory. Going from almost a standing start to where I am now, confident and working with multiple agencies across a number of specialisms is a source of pride for myself, and definitely couldn’t have been achieved without the support of everyone here at GO!" - Will

Sam Stanhope on what he's learned in 2022
Sam Stanhope on what he's learned at GO! in 2022

What are your hopes for 2023?

"I hope to be able to get out and about and see more of our Network in person by attending different events, including the Marketing Meetup Manchester which we are now a sponsor of. I also hope to be able to organise our own in-person event at some point during the year." - Sam S

"To further develop with the business, learn new skills, and do the best I possibly can within the role I’m in." - Ibrahim

"To further develop my marketing skills – and have a greater impact on reaching out to potential Network members with new ideas/content." - Faisal

"To welcome more new team members and be an even stronger network this time next year." - Chloe

"Our model can be further enhanced with the introduction of innovative technology in 2023." - Russell

The GO! team

"Continue to build and develop the great agency relationships I have built over the past 1.5 years. (And hopefully build more with new agencies!)" - Max

"To take similar steps forward as we did in 2022 – every year since we started it’s been amazing how far we can push ourselves over a 12 month period so same again in 2023 please. (Oh, and a c.2% + cut in the BOE base rate please)" - Dom

"To continue to develop in my role and contribute to the growth of our agencies, our internal team and GO! as a whole." - Will

"My hopes for 2023 are to continue building on what has been a great 12 months. We’re engaging with some fantastic brands and the conversations and projects in place going into January give us lots of reasons to be excited." - Darren

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