The GO! Network is one of the 48 founding partners of GenM, an organisation that encourages brands to recognise and respond to the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women. Here’s why it matters.

GO! have joined partners including Boots, M&S, and more to support the new organisation intending to destigmatise the menopause, a challenge that more than 15 million in the UK are facing at any time.  

GenM will encourage brands to pledge commitment to supporting employees and customers through better business practises, products and communication around the topic.  

Charlotte Boerescu-Kelly, Head of Marketing at GO! explains why this issue is particularly pertinent to the marketing community: “Women overwhelmingly comprise the bulk of the marketing industry's workforce, and at the senior leadership level, female representation is at an all-time high. As an industry, we owe a lot to these professionals, but so many go through the experience of the menopause without support or even awareness from their employers.

Those going through the menopause feel massively under-represented by brands and marketing campaigns alike.


At a time when work culture and support from employers is under the microscope more than ever, it’s time to bring these issues to the fore and encourage others to evaluate how they can best support their teams, customers and wider community.

In our role as a network between brands and agencies, we also want to support businesses looking to improve their understanding of this demographic so they can better reach them with products and offerings built to support them.”

To learn more about GenM, click here.