We bring you a round-up of the biggest and best Creative, Digital, and OOH marketing and advertising campaigns each month in 2023.

In a month that marks the first days of fall, and so the end of summer holidays, whilst raising awareness for several causes from World Alzheimer's Disease Month to World Suicide Prevention Day, we set out to collate 8 of the most impactful Creative, Digital, and OOH advertising campaigns released in September 2023.

From Hiscox’s ‘Most Disastrous Campaign Ever’ dramatizing the challenges small business owners face, to a recruitment campaign that places you at the heart of daunting scenarios, to Alzheimer’s Research UK’s fairy-tale spot illustrating the ‘Happily Ever Afters’ dementia has destroyed – view our list of best campaigns this month below.

July - Campaigns #49 - 56

August - Campaigns #57 - 64

September - Campaigns #65 - 72

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Campaign #49 – Maybelline UK: CGI Campaign

Brand: Maybelline UK

Category: Cosmetics

Medium: Social Media

In a bid to hero their new mascara range, Maybelline grabbed the attention of audiences across the UK by placing huge rubber eyelashes on a London tube and bus with the use of a little CGI trickery.

The viral TikTok clip, consists of separate 5-second videos of the 'lashed' tube carriage and bus heading towards a large Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High mascara wand, which brushes the lashes on each vehicle as they go by.

The realistic footage produced in collaboration with video artist Ian Padgham has since created huge attraction online, fuelling already-high opinions of the new product.

Campaign #50: Warner Bros + Mattel: Barbie Movie

Brand: Warner Bros + Mattel (Barbie)

Category: Movie, Toys

Medium: Social Media, OOH, Brand Collaborations

Warner’s star-studded movie promo tour kicked off in a flurry of pink, with a variety of social campaigns, OOH activity and brand partnerships, expanding from Microsoft (Xbox) to Airbnb.

Following months of high-profile marketing and movie promotion, which had seen Margot Robbie – who plays the role of Barbie – posing for photos in designer outfits from Versace and Channel, emulating the original Mattel 1959 doll.

Along with billboards posted across the nation, featuring nothing but the vibrant Barbie pink and movie release date. Warner Bros’ have also collaborated with several brands as part of their wider marketing campaign, this includes a new bookable Barbie-themed Airbnb in Malibu and a limited-edition Barbie-skinned Xbox Series S.

Warner Bros + Mattel: Barbie Movie

Campaign #51 – Ocado: Inspired Choices

Brand: Ocado

Category: Online Retailer

Agency: St Luke’s London

Medium: TV, VoD and Social Media

Ocado humorously reveals the unexpected moments when its customers are struck with inspiration to add items to their online shopping cart in a new integrated campaign – ‘Inspired Choices’.

Developed in collaboration with independent creative agency St Luke’s, the campaign consists of a 60-second spot, which is cut down to 30 and 10-second clips to run across TV, VoD and Social Media.

The Ad follows Ocado’s analysis into shopper habits and behaviours, which found that many consumers add to their online trolley throughout the week or month, as opposed to all at once like you would when at a physical store.

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Campaign #52 – Simply Be: Manchester Mural

Brand: Simply Be

Category: Fashion

Agency: Mural Republic Ltd + Kinetic

Medium: Mural, OOH

Inclusive fashion brand Simply Be partners with Mural Republic Ltd and Kinetic to unveil Manchester’s largest ever mural.

The out-of-home canvas aims to raise awareness of its ‘Serious About Shape’ messaging by encouraging women of all sizes to find clothes that are tailor-made to fit them as opposed to forcing themselves to conform to unrealistic industry-standard sizes.

On the campaign, Head of Marketing at Simply Be, Sinead Donohoe says, “the murals in Manchester are really impactful and represent our aim for change as inconsistent sizing and badly fitting fashion are just not acceptable. We hope they inspire women and encourage them to blame the clothing, not themselves.”

Simply Be: Manchester Mural

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Campaign #53 – Royal Air Force: The Force Protecting Space

Brand: Royal Air Force

Category: Air Force

Agency: House 337

Medium: TV, OOH

The Royal Air Force in partnership with creative collective House 337, highlighted the emerging field of space protection in a new dramatic recruitment campaign.

Aimed to make young people aware of the variety of professions available within the RAF – the campaign is spearheaded by an exhilarating 60-second spot entitled ‘The Force Protecting Space’, which visualises the rawness and excitement of a career in the RAF.

To sit alongside the ad, House 337 created futuristic OOH billboards in the style RAF colours to capture the passers’ attention and invite them to join the force.

Campaign #54 – TheFork: You’re All Set

Brand: TheFork

Category: Online Booking Platform

Agency: Droga5 London

Medium: TV, Digital OOH

To highlight the unparalleled benefits of using an online restaurant booking service, TheFork in collaboration with Droga5 London unveiled a humorous brand campaign, running across Europe on TV, out-of-home, digital and social.

The campaign’s hero film debuts an irreverent tone of voice to infuse the brand with bags joy and levity, while launching it’s in new tagline – ‘You’re All Set’.

Jose Noguer, CMO at TheFork says, “our new advertising campaign aims to develop the reflex of using TheFork when it comes to restaurant outings, propelling an ever-growing wave of connection between restaurants and diners, as in Europe today, only 3/10 people are aware than they can book a restaurant online.”

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Campaign #55 – Weetabix: Women’s World Cup

Brand: Weetabix

Category: Food

Agency: BBH + Bauer Media

Medium: TV

Cereal brand Weetabix went big with a multi-million-pound TV campaign ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Centred around three short films produced by BBH, the campaign pushes an on-pack promotion that gives buyers the chance to win an official home nations shirt every 90 minutes, along with thousands of footballs in a bid to amplify the support for England.

Weetabix has also partnered with Bauer Media to run 30-second spots during the tournament aligned with the on-pack giveaway and guided by geo-targeted audio.

Weetabix: Women’s World Cup

Campaign #56 – AA: It’s OK, I’m with the AA

Brand: The AA

Category: Automotive Services

Agency: The Gate

Medium: TV, OOH

The AA is helping bank robbers make a smooth getaway in its latest ad, produced in partnership with creative company, The Gate.

Part of a running series that showcases the confidence of AA covered motorists, even in the most bizarre life moments, the ad also debuts the company’s new slogan - ‘Always Ahead’.

In one scene, three bank robbers – in a hurry to escape – discover their getaway car has two flat tyres, yet the driver seems unfazed by the situation as he confidently reassures them with the spot’s strapline and title - ‘It’s OK lads, I’m with the AA’.

Alongside the TV advert, the campaign will run across multiple channels, including out-of-home, radio, print, online and cinema.


Campaign #57 – Aldi Recruitment UK: Get a Proper Raise

Brand: Aldi Recruitment UK

Category: Supermarket chain – recruitment

Agency: McCann Manchester

Medium: OOH

Aldi look to entice jobseekers with quirky new out-of-home campaign, highlighting the supermarket’s leading pay rates.

Developed by creative agency McCann Manchester, the billboard features a giant loaf of bread spewing over the edge with the tagline – ‘Get a proper raise’.

The campaign is set to be supported by various social media assets, with an aim to recruit more than 1,700 workers by the end of 2023.

On the campaign Aldi HR Director, Kelly Stokes says, “we wanted to show, once again, how Aldi has committed to fairly rewarding its colleagues for their hard work in a way that uses our famously cheeky tone of voice.”

Aldi Recruitment UK: Get a Proper Raise

Campaign #58 – Accounts & Legal: New Website and Brand Identity

Brand: Accounts & Legal

Category: Financial and Legal services

Agency: Pixel Kicks

Medium: Website, Brand Identity

Pixel Kicks has a delivered a new website and brand identity for one of UK’s fastest growing disruptors in the finance and legal space – Accounts & Legal.

With a turnover that has risen by over 715% in the past eight years, the campaigns were jointly commissioned as the firm gears up for the next phase of its ambitious growth strategy.

The new websites’ primary purposes will be to promote Accounts & Legal’s fully integrated offering, to generate quality enquiries from companies operating across a range of industries, and to improve inbound conversions.

Accounts & Legal: New Website and Brand Identity

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Campaign #59 – Gymshark: Leana Deeb Mural

Brand: Gymshark

Category: Sportswear

Medium: Mural, OOH

Leading sportswear brand Gymshark has unveiled the ‘world’s first modest billboard’ with a 3D out-of-home mural featuring brand ambassador, Leana Deeb.

Located on Whitechapel Street in London’s Shoreditch, the creative is part of Gymshark’s ‘Every Strong Belongs’ campaign, promoting inclusivity and diversity in their product range.

The giant OOH billboard showcases a mural of Leana Deeb in her headscarf, which is created using physical fabric to give a 3D effect.

The sports influencer commented, “to be the face of the world’s first modest billboard in such an iconic location here in London is a huge moment and responsibility.”

Gymshark: Leana Deeb Mural

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Campaign #60 – Mayor of London: Say Maate to a Mate

Brand: Mayor of London

Category: Government

Agency: Ogilvy + LADBible Group

Medium: TV, OOH

Digital media firm LADBible gives a £6million boost to Mayor of London’sSay Maaate to a Mate’ campaign, aiming to combat sexual harassment and misogyny.

Developed by creative agency Ogilvy, the TV ad supported by OOH activity looks to empower young men and boys to challenge their friends’ sexist or misogynistic behaviour.

LADBible will now utilise its strong social media influence to amplify the campaign and reach a wider audience through its channels.

Campaign #61 – The AA: Fix My Motor

Brand: The AA

Category: Automotive Services

Agency: LADBible Group + Goodstuff

Medium: TV

The AA has launched the next phase of ‘It’s OK, I’m with the AA’ campaign, showcasing their multi-service offering to a younger demographic by leveraging their partnership with youth-focused media platform LADBible.

Driven by ‘People Do Nothing’ star Chabuddy G, the campaign will be supported by a range of Instagram, TikTok and Facebook executions, centred around sitcom-esque series of activations – with the first instalment ‘Fix My Motor’ highlighting Chabuddy G’s misguided practices when it comes to vehicle restoration.

Media planning and buying was led by Goodstuff and includes further integrated social amplification of the LADBible content to AA target segments.

The AA: Fix My Motor

Campaign #62 – Audible: Whatever life throws at you

Brand: Audible

Category: Online audiobook and podcast service

Agency: Fold7 + Kinetic + Wavemaker

Medium: OOH

Audiobook and podcast platform Audible in partnership with creative agency Fold7, channels its wacky new brand identity with the second instalment of its ‘Laugh Through It with Comedy’ campaign.

The out-of-home led campaign features a range of unfortunate yet comedic scenarios that can befall any one of us, aiming to encourage audiences to ‘laugh through’ their misfortunes with their Audible books or podcasts.

Running across London and Bristol, the assets were created by Fold7 and produced by Kinetic, with media planning and buying handled by Wavemaker.

Audible: Whatever life throws at you

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Campaign #63 – Florence: Give a Shift

Brand: Florence UK

Category: Social Care Staffing

Agency: Snap Ldn + VCCP Media

Medium: OOH

Health care tech company Florence aims to plug staffing gaps with bold out-of-home campaign aimed squarely at the social care sector.

Devised by Snap Ldn and VCCP Media, the campaign will look to put social care managers in touch with nurses, carers and support workers to help avoid a ‘shiftstorm’.

The Birmingham and Manchester-based assets will be rolled out across a range of 48-sheet boards and bus wraps, playing on numerous shift-related puns such as ‘Be all over that shift’ and ‘Get your shift together’.

Florence: Give a Shift

Campaign #64 – Silver Spoon (Truvia): Sweet Moments

Brand: Silver Spoon - Truvia

Category: Food

Agency: Ourselves

Medium: OOH

Food giant Silver Spoon has unveiled a new humorous out-of-home campaign for Truvia, designed to encourage sweetener users to enjoy life’s sweet moments without the consequences.

The creative features witty puns such as 'it’s like sun without the burn' and 'it’s like jet without the lag', to highlight how the ‘No.1 Stevia Sweetener’ provides a sugary taste without the calories.

On the campaign, Silver Spoon Brand Controller, Lauren Crawford says, “Ourselves really helped us to capture what it feels like to switch to Truvia with a simple but striking OOH campaign.”

Silver Spoon (Truvia): Sweet Moments


Campaign #65 – Hiscox: The Most Disastrous Campaign Ever

Brand: Hiscox

Category: Commercial Insurance

Agency: Uncommon

Medium: OOH, DOOH

Specialist insurer Hiscox has partnered with creative studio Uncommon for the launch of the ‘Most Disastrous Campaign Ever’.

The nationwide brand campaign consists of playful outdoor and digital-out-of-home assets dramatizing the risks and challenges small business owners face, through a series of wryly told scenarios.

The innovative campaign also includes a range of ‘special build’ executions that physically depict the risks highlighted within the ads – for example, mud is splattered across a billboard to illustrate a client mess up.

On the activity, Fiona Mayo, UK Marketing Director at Hiscox says, “in a category that’s often serious and cautious, we’ve created a campaign with a distinctive visual approach and intelligent humour that’s rooted in deep insight, to stand apart.”

Hiscox: The Most Disastrous Campaign Ever

Campaign #66 – Upriser by Saatchi & Saatchi

Category: Education

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi + Cowshed + Leith + IMA-HOME

Medium: Creative Programme

Saatchi & Saatchi’s free creative platform designed to inspire young people between 11-18, Upriser, is now able to expand across the UK with the onset of three new partnerships – Cowshed, IMA-HOME and Leith.

The programme matchmakes creative agencies with UK secondary schools to equip students with the power of creative thinking and make them aware of the career opportunities that exist in the industry.

In Cardiff, the award-winning creative agency Cowshed has partnered with Willows High School, where the bespoke programme begun in September.

In Yorkshire, global marketing agency IMA-HOME has partnered with Brigshaw High as they focus on creating meaningful opportunities through apprentices and paid placements.

In Edinburgh and Manchester, Leith partners with Leith Academy and Manchester Academy to inspire young people about the different opportunities a career in the creative industry can offer them.

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Campaign #67 – NHS Blood and Transplant:

Consider this

Brand: NHS Blood and Transplant

Category: Healthcare

Agency: Wunderman Thompson UK + Wavemaker

Medium: OOH, Radio, Print

NHS Blood and Transplant urges parents to opt-in to the child organ donation register with life-saving campaign.

Developed by creative agency Wunderman Thompson UK and supported by Wavemaker, the out-of-home assets aim to drive paediatric organ donation sign ups in support of an agency colleague and her family, who are desperately waiting for a transplant.

On the campaign Chermine Assadian, Creative Director of Wunderman Thompson UK says, “within the industry we often always say advertising doesn’t save lives. Well, in this case, we hope and pray it will.

This is the most difficult and overwhelming brief I’ve ever worked on, but when we heard about the situation we didn’t hesitate.”

NHS Blood and Transplant: Child Organ Donation

Campaign #68 – Movember: Where’s My Mate

Brand: Movemeber

Category: Charity

Agency: Splendid Communications

Medium: OOH, Print

Movemeber in collaboration with Rotherham United and Darlington F.C aims to turn empty stadium seats into a reminder ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Led by Splendid Communications, the out-of-home campaign prompts fans to check in on male friends and loved ones, by placing posters that read ‘Where’s my mate?’ on empty seats of football stadiums that are located within UK cities with the highest male suicide rates.

The stunt forms part of Movember’sSport the Signs’ campaign, which looks to educate men on how to spot early signs of mental health problems – such as uncharacteristically missing a match.

Campaign #68 – Movember: Where’s My Mate

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Campaign #69 – The Food Foundation: Kids Aren’t Eating

Brand: The Food Foundation

Category: Charity

Agency: Weber Shandwick

Medium: Print

Young Food Ambassadors of the Food Foundation teamed up with creative agency Weber Shandwick to recreate an iconic political ad as part of their wider #Feedthefuture campaign urging MPs to widen access to free school meals.

The Ambassadors took to Westminster to promote their ‘Kids Aren’t Eating’ creative, depicting a ‘queue’ of 900,000 children in poverty missing out on free school meals – a line that would stretch from London to Edinburgh in reality.

Supporting the campaign, celebrity chefs Tom Kerridge and Melissa Hemsley have also worked alongside the Food Foundation and the Young Food Ambassador’s campaigning.

The Food Foundation: Kids Aren’t Eating

Campaign #70 – British Army: You Belong Here

Brand: The British Army

Category: Army

Agency: Capita + Accenture Song + Academy Films

Medium: TV, OOH

Aimed to challenge the misconceptions among the 59% of young people who believe they wouldn’t ‘fit in’ the army, The British Army partners with Capita and Accenture to launch their latest recruitment campaign – You Belong Here.

The ad speaks directly to young people by showing that there is a place for them in the British Army, where their instincts and abilities are needed and valued.

The integrated campaign will run across TV, cinemas, radio, out-of-home, online and social media. The creative includes three 30-second films directed by Billy Boyd Cape and produced by Academy Films, placing potential recruits at the heart of dramatic scenarios that requires their expertise.

Campaign #71 – Coca-Cola: #TakeATaste

Brand: Coca-Cola + Tesco

Category: Beverage

Agency: EssenceMediacom + DOOH.com + Studio Dialect + JCDecaux

Medium: DOOH

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar partners with Tesco for a nationwide DOOH campaign and interactive AR-powered giveaway, inviting consumers to #TakeATest by grabbing a digital bottle using augment reality technology, before claiming a real one at any nearby Tesco store.

The innovative activation, powered by EssenceMediacom, DOOH.com, Studio Dialect, and JCDecaux, is the first ever two-way controlled DOOH and AR experience, allowing audiences to change the 3D creative on any screen in real time via their mobile device.

Laura Moon, Senior Brand Manager of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, says “the campaign builds on our ‘Best Coke Ever?’ platform which is designed to trial among those who refuse to compromise on taste in choosing zero calories.

This is a fun and digital-first approach to sampling whilst living and breathing our Real Magic philosophy.”

Coca-Cola: #TakeATaste

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Campaign #72 – Alzheimer’s Research UK: Happily Ever Afters

Brand: Alzheimer’s Research UK

Category: Charity

Agency: Above+Beyond + Yonder Media

Medium: TV, Social, OOH

Alzheimer’s Research UK collaborates with Above+Beyond and Yonder Media to launch a powerful animated film, bringing to life the ‘happily ever afters’ dementia has destroyed.

Ran across TV, social and out-of-home, the two-minute-long film is narrated by Oscar-award-winning Olivia Coleman and aims to encourage the public to help support its research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The spot takes the form of a traditional fairy-tale story, illustrating a prince and princess slaying a dragon and riding off into the sunset, happily ever after.

Yet the ending is subverted as the princes’ character and appearance begins to decline much to the concern of the princess, at first forgetful, then fearful, before becoming physically weak.

The ad ends with a match cut to the real couple in life action, highlighting this is not a fairy-tale, but the devastating reality for the almost one million people in the UK living with Alzheimer’s today.

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