What do you need from your website in 2024? In this panel discussion our web, development, and digital experts join us to cover the key considerations for a re-platform project that serves your strategy in the new year.

In today’s modern digital era, building an online presence is crucial to the success of any business, and choosing the right platform for website development is a vital part in achieving this - but how do you select the best one for your business?

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the key factors and options for web re-platforming in 2024, including the benefits - and disadvantages - of various platforms and how to determine what works for each business.

Our experts:

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In this Article:

  • What are the goals of your re-platforming project?
  • What does your data say?
  • Is your platform user friendly?
  • How safe is your data?
  • Is your brand positioning clearly defined?


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What is the goal of your re-platforming project?

Nadine highlights, “you must be clear on the goals you’re trying to achieve with a re-platforming project – What isn't working for you anymore? What does it need to do for your business? What does it need to do for your users or clients?

These objectives can be varied depending on the type of business you are and the way you intend to use your website, whether that be more of a content-led approach, conversion-led, or to just simplify the backend management for your team.

For whatever use it may be, you will have different needs and that require different setups. For example, from a content-led approach, you may want to prioritise the ease of uploading, amending, and publishing new content.”

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What does your data say?

Adam says, “businesses tend to lean on their opinions on what users need, which is often irrelevant - It should always be about the data.

So, what does the data tell us about what users need? And making data-led decisions around your website build. Then once this is live, changing your mindset around the lifecycle of that product to think about experimentation properly.

We work with several businesses on experimentation using tools such as Optimizely or VWO, enabling them in taking assured steps based on actual insights to help increase conversions, repeat purchases, customer satisfaction, content engagement, or to get those sales cycles down and optimise marketing spend.

Nadine Clarke, Strategy Partner at Tangent on Website Rebuilding

Is your platform user friendly?

Stuart highlights, “it all comes down to ease of use. This includes user experience, great content, the ability for users to easily find the content that they need, they shouldn't have to search for it – there are exceptions to this, in the case of ecommerce sites.  

Further considerations include accessibility concerns and site speed, there's multiple ways you can improve on these aspects, such as optimising your images and the size of text.”

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How safe is your data?

Stuart adds, “Also, there is security. Understandably businesses don't really want to spend money on it as you're not seeing that ROI immediately.  

But at some point, your data will leak, so what are you doing to keep that user data safe as possible, not only on your servers, but how are you transferring that over to other platforms or whoever it may be.”

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Is your brand positioning clearly defined?

Charlie says, “from a brand perspective, before you start a web project it's important to establish and identify strong brand foundations – So, what is your brand positioning? Do you know what your competitor advantage is? Is that clearly defined?

Nine times out of ten, when businesses are questioned on this, they will spend 10 minutes explaining it. However, as marketers, we need to be able to deliver that message within five seconds of someone viewing a website in couple of powerful statements.”


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