In response to proposed legislation on the right to request flexible working from day one of employment, join HR experts Citation to learn how to maintain efficiency and manage requests/working in a hybrid workplace.

Many businesses have already made the decision to keep hybrid home office working a permanent arrangement beyond the pandemic, and research shows that businesses embracing flexible working can attract more talent, improve motivation, reduce turnover and boost productivity. But how can businesses manage this most effectively?

In this session for business owners, directors and employer management leads across sectors, our HR experts Citation will share best practise advice and help you confirm a strategy for the new environment.

Key points on the agenda:
·       How to manage flexible working requests and what the proposed changes will be

·       The Top tips for effective performance management of remote workers

·       How to update your compliance documentation – policies, contracts and risk assessments including specific risk assessments relating to home working such as Display Screen Equipment.

·       How to boost employee engagement and support wellbeing

·       The importance of employee training, communication and inductions on this topic


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