In an ever-changing technology landscape, can business decisions ever truly be 'future-proofed'? In this article, Rosie Stano shares her thoughts on why businesses should strive to be more adaptive and ‘future-ready’ rather than ‘future-proofed’.

Unless you can look into a crystal ball and tell me you can see the advances of digital technology, the deep implications of Generative AI - or even more simply - the channels your customers are going to want to engage with you on, how can it be possible to fully predict the future needs of the business and your customers to truly make ‘future-proofed’ decisions?

Instead, we need to reframe how we make technology decisions and strive to become ‘future-ready’ and more adaptive organisations.

Quite often businesses have a limited understanding of their customers’ needs and I say this with the greatest sincerity, but if your digital product isn’t driving genuine one-to-one experiences informed by quality data, and you aren’t conducting regular user testing to gain qualitative feedback or running experimentation at scale, then you don’t fully know what your customers want and how their needs are ever evolving. Therefore, you’re not in the best position to rapidly adapt to their changing needs.

There are five things I think are really smart that I consistently see the highest performing businesses prioritise:

  • They embody a culture of experimentation
  • They adopt advancing technologies that can anticipate future needs
  • They make technology decisions that prioritise flexibility and connectivity
  • They don’t get lost in the numbers
  • They move quickly with decisions

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