Ever wondered what an agency leader does to build a successful business? In this new blog series, Rick Tobin shares the obstacles he overcame along the path to develop and run a successful, award-winning, specialist agency.

What are the challenges agency leaders face, and how do they overcome them? How have the events of the past three years affected the way that agencies have learnt to survive?

With the launch of their new blog series - 'How to Run an Agency', Circus PPC Agency's Founder and Managing Director, Rick Tobin, shares the lessons learnt, challenges faced and milestones achieved that have led to the development of an award-winning business still going strong 14 years later.

Rick addresses the common misconception that running an agency is more work, or harder work, than working alone as a consultant:

“At the end of the day, everything is work. Running an agency is different work, as I’m working at more of a top-line level, looking after the team, and adopting more of a strategy-led role for the agency.  In fact, in the long run, it should be less work, as we would’ve managed to cultivate the agency we want to be, with everyone working harmoniously and in a way that suits us to deliver great results.”

On the biggest lessons he has learnt as an agency leader, Rick says:

“By far the most important lesson I’ve learnt from running an agency is to always look after your people, your team. Numbers are important, but people are more important. I’ve also learnt not to compare ourselves to other agencies. Everyone works in their own way, and what might be successful for one person, could fail for another.”

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