We'll be discussing what a single customer view entails, why you need one - and most importantly: how you can go about getting one set up.

Despite living in a connected world, conversations between organisations and their customers are becoming more and fragmented while the number of communication and contact systems is growing with systems becoming more disparate ranging from social media, webchat through to SMS and review sites. Join our webinar hosted by Gnatta, to discover the numerous commercial and operational impacts, having a single customer viewpoint can provide your business with to gain competitive advantage.


Gary Lloyd - FM Outsource

Anthony Coleman - AO.com

Jack Barmby - Gnatta

Key points on the agenda:

  • How having a single customer communication viewpoint can impact your business across multiple commercial and operational factors (efficiency, cost effectiveness, customer service, system consolidation,  overseeing multiple location activity, identification of skills gaps and customer profiles)
  • The contribution a single customer communication view  makes to organisations undergoing digital transformation  
  • How to initiate and set up a single customer communication viewpoint in your organisation cost effectively and minimising risk

The session will also include a case study from a leading cosmetics brand about how their use of Gnatta has helped them through 2020 and 2021!


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