How can Account-Based Marketing supercharge your inbound strategy? In this session for marketing leaders, we'll explore when and how to invest in Account-Based Marketing, and build a strategy that works for your business.

Account-Based Marketing and Inbound - a match made in heaven. So why do only 17% of marketers have an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy in place?

In this session for marketing leaders looking to supercharge their strategy with ABM, our inbound and ABM specialists will share when, where, and how to properly invest in your Account-Based Marketing in a way that works for your business.

On the agenda:

  • The rise of ABM - How ABM is being implemented across different industries and businesses
  • Defining your Approach - Framing your resource, teams, and potential opportunities for ABM to support your wider strategy
  • When - and How - to Invest in ABM - Practical guidance for your own ABM strategy
  • Next steps - Measuring performance, specialist support, and final considerations for your strategy

Our speakers

Got a specific challenge? This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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