Step away from the eBook – in this session for Marketing leaders looking to refresh and re-invigorate their content, our specialists will share the latest trends in video and content production, and how to leverage them for your brand.

The nature of how your audience finds and engages with content has changed - so let's get up to speed.

In this virtual workshop for marketing and content strategy leaders, we’ll discuss the latest innovations in Video and Content production, the rise of trends like user-generated content, livestreaming, and new social platforms, as well as how to assess what's worth investing in for your business.

On the agenda:

  • Video & Content Production – The Latest Trends – How the way audiences engage in content has changed, and what this means for your content strategy
  • New Opportunities For Your Strategy – Exploring the options for your business when it comes to upgrading your video and content production strategy
  • Measuring Success – What you need to get started in a new area, how to measure the impact, and when to invest in external support

Our speakers:

Got a specific challenge? This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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