For our first event of the year, we’re delighted to be joined by retail expert Jade Dudley from Google and Dora, Senior Paid Media Strategist at Summit, to explore where the growth opportunities are for UK retailers in 2024.

In this interactive session, Network members summit address how the tough economic outlook, changing customer behaviour and tightening privacy regulation will all pose challenges for retailers this year. More than ever before, digital teams will be charged with finding efficiencies and driving incremental growth in an ever competitive marketplace.

With Google Shopping accounting for upwards of 80% of UK retail digital advertising spend, we’ll be focusing specifically on how you can unlock new levels of performance in this channel. From PMAX adoption to Local Inventory Ads, and innovative feed management, we’ll share the playbook for achieving record paid search results in 2024.

What you'll learn:
  • How to think omnichannel in 2024.
  • Putting 1st party data at the heart of your paid search strategy.
  • How to incorporate margin data & optimise for profit in Google Shopping.
  • The path to PMAX adoption.
  • How to leverage Local Inventory Ads (LIAs).
  • Enhanced conversions & consent mode – everything you need to know.
  • The importance of a robust CSS & feed optimisation stack.
  • How these specific strategies and techniques are driving record performance for leading UK retailers.


Jade is responsible for some of Google’s largest advertisers in the UK retail sector. Jade is experienced in delivering client digital transformation, helping retailers adopt the latest technologies and drive growth through the Google advertising ecosystem. She is most excited by the opportunity AI represents for marketeers, reimaging how we connect with customers in new and exciting ways.

  • Dora Hallett, Senior Paid Strategist at Summit

Dora has 10 years' experience driving paid search performance for some of the world's biggest retailers. Defining ROI-driven strategy, driving adoption of the latest technologies and constantly optimising for incremental growth, Dora's insight proves invaluable for retailers who want the most from their paid search performance.

This event is hosted by a member of our Agency Network - to register for free, please visit the event page here, or submit the form to the right and we'll confirm your registration with the agency.


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