In this limited session for product marketing leaders, GO! Network Members KOMI group and their long-term client, Swan Products will share their experiences using social media to launch new products - and how it might work for you.

GO! Network ‘Deep Dives’ are a chance for our community to drill down into specialist areas of their strategy with support from our Network members.

About the Session:

A well-executed social media launch of your product can cause interest - and sales - to skyrocket like little else. However, the prospect of your first major launch can be daunting.

In this fireside chat with GO! Network members KOMI group and long-term client through GO!, Swan Products, B2C marketing leaders will get the chance to learn exactly what goes into a 'social media launch', the outcomes, and first-hand experiences of a retail brand's transition into the social space.

On the agenda:

  • The background of KOMI group and their work with Swan Products
  • An introduction to the current 'state' of social media for retail, FMCG, and consumer brands
  • Real life examples of social media launches, challenges, and key learnings
  • Answering your questions about social launches of your product, and how to make it work for you


Please note: This 1-hour workshop is free to attend, but space is limited- if you'd like to join, please submit your registration below, and the team will confirm shortly!


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