The menopausal market includes over 15.5 million UK consumers, so why is this colossal market force being ignored and underestimated? Learn how to build both an internal and external strategy that caters to this underserved audience with Gen M.

Gen M are looking to unite responsible brands, organisations and employers to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and prevent menopausal people from being overlooked, both inside and outside the workplace. In this session for internal and external communications teams, you'll learn why it matters, how to support menopausal audiences both inside and outside of your business, and what other brands are doing to lead the way.

Key points on the agenda:

  • An introduction to Gen M with co-founder Sam Simister
  • Insights around the Menopause and why it is a taboo topic
  • How to support women in the workplace and lead the conversation
  • What brands are doing to support women going through the menopause

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