Explore how to navigate the 'Messy Middle' of the digital customer journey with evidence-based strategies for leveraging cognitive biases and digital touchpoints to enhance brand preference and purchase decisions in this insightful webinar.

The path to purchase is no longer a simple, linear funnel. Today's digital landscape has made the customer journey much more complex - a "Messy Middle" between initial awareness and the final purchase decision.

In this webinar hosted by Network members The Balance Agency, they'll dive into ground-breaking research by Google that analysed over 300,000 shoppers to understand what influences brand preference and purchase decisions in this critical middle stage.

Taking a specific look at financial services in the research, for example 76% of Mortgage customers were willing to change provider, and 94% of insurer customers were. Experts at Balance show how to take advantage of that.

What you'll learn:

  • How digital touchpoints like Display ads, YouTube, Search, and Social impact consumers in the exploration and evaluation phases.
  • The cognitive biases that are most effective at swaying brand preference, with up to 89% of consumers switching their preferred brand after being exposed to competitor brands.
  • Practical tips for supercharging your own brand by leveraging these biases across channels and throughout the messy middle of the customer journey.

If you're a marketer looking to strengthen your brand's position in the digital path to purchase, this is a must-attend session. Join us to learn evidence-based strategies for showing up at the right moments and maximizing your impact in the messy middle.


This event is hosted by a member of our Agency Network - to register for free, please visit the event page here, or submit the form to the right and we'll confirm your registration with the agency.


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