In this cross-industry conversation, our senior panel will share their tactics, processes, and strategies for addressing one of the most common challenges facing marketing leadership - getting the business on board.

Your marketing strategy reaches every area of your business - so how do you bring the business along with you?

Getting your business invested in your marketing strategy is one of the most common challenges facing senior marketers. From board approval for investing in a new area to engaging teams in new processes, positioning marketing as a priority requires powerful engagement, communication and transparency unlike many other functions.

In this cross-industry conversation, our panel of senior marketing leaders will share their tips, processes, and strategies for building excitement and buy-in for your efforts throughout your organisation.


Key points on the agenda:

  • Getting started – framing your requirements, culture, and capacity
  • Building the buy-in – common pitfalls, opportunities and processes for keeping your business engaged in your efforts
  • ROI 101 – sharing successes, reporting, and gaining investment for your projects
  • Mutual success – ensuring continued success and collaboration throughout your business

Our Experts

Speaking on this session will be:

Amber Skinner-Jozefson MBA, CXO, e.pop and Advisor, Piper HQ

Emma Sutton, Head of Digital - Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, The University of Manchester

Kirstie Leadley, Head of UK Marketing and Group Digital, ZEDRA Group


This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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