In this session for sales, marketing and customer acquisition leaders, we'll share how to evaluate and improve the value of your inbound leads for better conversions, targeting and qualified opportunities.

Your inbound lead strategy is only as good as the opportunities and conversions it creates. In this workshop led by our lead generation and ABM experts, we'll explore the many strategies available for improving the quality, conversion rate and value of your inbound leads.

Key points on the agenda:

  • Evaluating the quality of your inbound leads, processes and strategy
  • Tightening up your target audience across channels for qualified leads
  • Improving processes and data for better conversion
  • Assessing the options for support in driving higher value from your leads

Our experts

This session will be led by a panel of expert specialists within our network:

Michael Dean, Head of Digital, Fox Agency

Charlotte Graham-Cumming, CEO, Ice Blue Sky

Holly Duffy, Head of Digital Marketing, Delineo

Lewis Vasper, Director, Call360

Moderated by Charlotte Boerescu-Kelly, Head of Marketing, GO!

This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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