In this workshop for in-house digital marketers, our experts share the opportunities for a more integrated paid and organic search strategy that boosts overall marketing performance.

How can your search strategy better engage audiences during the crucial 'consideration' stage?

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the critical role an integrated search strategy can play on brand consideration, how both paid and organic search efforts can boost market visibility, along with tools and frameworks to help in-house teams get more from an integrated strategy.

On the agenda:

  • Understanding search synergy - The key benefits of integrating paid and organic strategies.
  • Aligning paid and organic search with market success - Ensuring your search strategy aligns with overall marketing goals, and common challenges brands face during when integrating their paid and organic search efforts.
  • Strategies and best practices - Expert advice on maintaining a consistent approach across paid and organic search channels, and how to adapt to evolving market dynamics.
  • Practical implementation - Effectively developing an integrated search strategy with limited resource, and measuring success.

Who should attend?

  • In-House Digital Marketers
  • SEO and PPC Specialists
  • Marketing Directors and Strategists

Our Speakers:

Got a specific challenge? This industry workshop will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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