You've got a new lead - what's next? If you want to understand the 'how' of a lead converting to ROI in your business and track performance more effectively, this is the session for you.

Everyone focuses on driving leads into their business but not everyone tracks what happens to them from there. If you aren’t confident that you’re optimising your leads to drive conversion our call analytics and tracking partner E-Sales Hub will walk you through it. They'll show you how to analyse the journey of each lead and how to ensure you are maximising your media spend and are driving your leads to conversion as much as possible.

Key points on the agenda:

  • Maximise your media budget (and therefore return) by tracking which leads are converting
  • Track what is happening to the leads you aren’t converting to see what can be changed or optimised
  • Highlight areas for improvement or wasted effort on your accounts  
  • Track & align the work & effort of multiple teams to ensure leads aren’t falling through the cracks


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