Over 95% of B2B marketers use some form of personalisation in their marketing efforts, but the majority with just a token sprinkling.

Demonstrating relevance to your audiences is likely one of the top priorities of your demand gen/ABM marketing strategies.

Ensuring you resonate on a 1:1 level with target prospects, opportunities and customers alike can make the single biggest difference, but how confident are you that you’re hitting the mark?


In this interactive session for digital marketers, Chris and Rachel from Webeo will be sharing the findings and insight from the B2B Marketing Personalisation Report and turning it into real-world benchmarks and actionable advice.


Key points on the agenda:

  • How you compare against your B2B colleagues in the world of personalisation
  • How to harmonise your omni-channel personalisation activity
  • How personalisation can support your demand gen strategy, as well as CX and ROI

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