Your PPC strategy shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. In this expert-led session, we cover how to leverage insights from your PPC campaigns to support both your wider marketing strategy, and your business as a whole.

The challenge many marketers are facing this year is not so much in ‘doing it right’, but rather in squeezing the most value out of what you do, with a limited amount of resource and investment.

In this expert-led session, we share the initial building blocks of a healthy PPC strategy, and introduce a few key ways that you can utilise your investment into existing PPC efforts to support other areas of your marketing – and wider business – strategy. Including; leveraging PPC to support SEO activity, drive stronger customer insights and audience data, along with building brand reputation and lower-intent awareness through always-on PPC.

On the agenda:

  • Understanding the value – The overlooked benefits of PPC strategies, and common misconceptions
  • Getting started – What you need for a healthy PPC strategy to build valuable insights from
  • Making PPC work harder – Where and how to apply insights from your PPC work across your business and wider marketing strategy
  • Measuring success – Considerations for a sustainable process, demonstrating value, and next steps

Our speakers:

Got a specific challenge? This industry workshop will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.

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